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My name is Elitsa Karabashlieva and I am a watercolour artist. When I was a child, I dreamt to be able to recreate everything that I loved with my hands. The career of and artist passed me by back then, but I believe that if you truly believe and want something, nothing is unachievable. A few years ago my lost passion for painting was reborn in full force and hit me like a wave, making me forget everything else. I gave in to this passion and now I try to capture the world around me on the blank piece of paper. I paint when I make a connection with something –it could even be a simple object, which excited me in a particular moment. When I succeed in making a connection with somebody else through my painting I feel the fullest and most alive. The feeling of working with watercolours is an exciting and powerful one and is similar to diving in the warm ocean waters, flying through the summer sky or the loving embrace of water and paint. Watercolours are a storm, which cannot be calmed down, but if you are brave enough you can have fun with.








Participation in the International Triennial of Watercolor Varna, City Gallery


Master class with Andrian Bekiarov

Plein air and plein air exhibition in Elena


Solo Exhibition at the Graphite Gallery, Varna: Water Conditions "


Plein air and plein air exhibition in Melnik





Participation in Varna Exhibition, St. Luke's City Gallery


Participation in Varna Exhibition, Graphite Gallery "Regional Exhibition"





Participation in Varna Art Exhibition Radio Varna "Four Elements"


Plein air and plein air exhibition White Lagoon


Participation in the Exhibition Varna Gallery Graffiti "Lyrical Messages"


Solo Exhibition Varna Art Salon Radio "Believe in the Spring"





Participation in Varna, St. Luke's City Gallery - dedicated to the patron saint of artists


Participation in the Watercolor Biennale in Hong Kong "Circle of love"


Participation in the Watercolor Triennial Varna, City Gallery "WATER & SPIRIT"


Participation in the Biennale and Exhibition of Watercolors, Fabriano and Urbino, Italy


Participation in Varna, Graphic Gallery "Visible - Invisible"


Master class with Atanas Matsurev


Participation in the Biennale and Exhibition in Karachi, Pakistan


Plein air and plein air exhibition in Melnik


Master class with Atanas Matsurev


Participation in an exhibition dedicated to endangered species in Bulgaria, Museum of Natural History The Great Return


Participation in the Biennale and International Exhibition India Delhi "Harmony through watercolor"


Participation in the International Exhibition Turkey, Bornova "Homer Love and Peace Througt Art Festival"


Participation in an international exhibition in Greece, Veria "Glimpses of everyday life"


Varna Exhibition Radio Varna "The Tale Continues"





Solo exhibition Varna, art center Creativimo "The wind brings memories"


Participation in Pomorie - national exhibition "The beginning was the drawing"


Participation in an exhibition in Sofia Gallery "Bulgaria" I start, you finish "


Participation in an exhibition in Sofia Industrial Gallery "Five Sea Tales"


Participation in the Sofia Atelier Plastelin "Santa Claus" exhibition


Master class at Atanas Matsurev


Participation in the plein air in Pomorie


Participation in the plenary exhibition Pomorie "Orchid"


Participation in 6 exhibitions in Bourgas seaside casino "When women create, cities come to life"





Participation in an exhibition in Varna Papillon Gallery "Follow"


Participation in an exhibition in Sofia Classic Four Gallery





Consecutive first and twelfth place at the Artscanyon Arts Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.