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Marcel Franquelin received a traditional artistic education in France, at Les Beaux-Arts and the University of Lille, before teaching art and art history in France and later in the United States. After producing copies of masterpieces for five years, he specialized in traditional glazing techniques typical of the nineteenth century masters, such as David, Ingres, Courbet. With over 40 years of experience in Realism, Marcel Franquelin now teaches and paints in his atelier near Princeton, New Jersey,, where he has several dedicated followers.





Two things I know.


With over forty years of my life dedicated to learning and producing artistic work, I have come to realize that there are only two fundamental truths necessary to achieve a successful career as an artist:

First, take your work seriously, not yourself.

We are only guests in this world and one can only hope that his work will outlive him. Make sure it is worth it.

Second, never forget to truly enjoy drawing and painting. It is not about pleasing the crowd, nor about making money, it is about living your passion, it is about keeping the learning process alive.

Every successful struggle brings intense satisfaction; every failed struggle brings humility and eagerness to learn more.

Along the way, do not forget to share your knowledge, it is an important part of your artistic existence.

That being said, I sincerely hope you will enjoy my work, which has no pretentious or offensive intentions.

I am just smiling at life and following my brush…


Marcel Franquelin





Artful deposit Gallery, NJ: solo show 1988, group show 1989


Image gallery, NJ: group show 1991, solo show 1992


Garth Davidson Gallery: solo show 1994, 1995


Ambassador Gallery, New York City; group show 1995, 1996


Stricoff Gallery, New York City: 2 artists show (with Randy Ford) 2004


Rosenfeld Gallery, Philadelphia: group show 2005


Cherry French Gallery: group show 2007


Flint Institute of Art, Chicago: group show, 2007 


Member of the International Guild of Realism


Member of the American Society of Portrait Artists


Member of the Portrait Society of America


Member of the Oil Painters of America





American Artist Magazine 1997


International Artist Magazine 2008


Artelibre V, 2010


International Contemporary Artists, Volume II, 2011


Artelibre VI, 2011


Artelibre VII, 2012


Artelibre VIII, 2013





Salmagundi Merit Award 2008 Award (1st place) 2008 twice finalist 2008


Professional Artists League finalist 2008


Raymar Art Competition, 2010, finalist


Boldbrush Art Competition, August 2010, finalist


Boldbrush Art Competition, September 2010, finalist


Raymar Art Competition 2011, finalist