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Christophe Vacher is a two-time Emmy Award Winner and 2010 Annie Award Nominee Art Director who has provided artwork for the Animation industry and most major Hollywood Studios since 1989.


Originally French, he relocated to California in 1996, where he worked for Walt Disney Pictures, Dreamworks, Universal Studios, Focus Features and Hasbro, among others. His credits as a background painter and concept artist include “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “Runaway Brain”, “Hercules”, “Tarzan”, “Fantasia 2000”, “Dinosaur”, “Treasure Planet”, and “Sharktale”.


He was animation Art director on the movies “Enchanted” and “9”, for which he was nominated at the Annie Awards in 2010. He recently won 2 Daytime Emmy Awards (2011 and 2012) for his work on the TV series “Transformers Prime”.


Vacher started to develop his personal work for Art galleries in 1997. It can be seen permanently in several galleries and various collections in Europe and the United States.


The style of Christophe’s personal imagery has multiple influences; from old painting schools like the Hudson River, The American Realists, The great American Illustrators, The Romantics and the European Symbolists for their grandiose, theatrical scenery, to more contemporary artists like  Sandorfi, Beksinski, Ugarte and The Visionaries (Les Visionnaires) in France.


Travel and music are a large part of his inspiration as well.





-Art Director (2D and 3D Animation)


-Production Designer


-Visual Development Artist  (traditional and digital)


-Head of Backgrounds


-Background painter (traditional and digital)


2D softwares: excellent in Photoshop and similar programs.


Fair knowledge of After Effects.


3D softwares: Fair knowledge of Maya ( modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, particles), Sketchup, ZBrush and similar 3D painting proprietary softwares.







Transformers Prime” (TV)  (Hasbro studios)


Supervising Color Designer/VFX Art director


Two-time Emmy Award Winner (2011 and 2012)


Annie Award Nominee (2014) 





Oz 3D” (Hot Donut Productions, OH)

Feature film project --aborted

Concept Designer





Despicable Me” (Universal Studios, Los Angeles, CA)

Concept Designer/Visual Development





Heroes and Monsters” (Tale City Productions, Tel Aviv, Israel)

Feature film project --aborted

Art Director/Production Designer





9” (Focus Features, Los Angeles, CA)

Art Director

2010 Annie Award Nominee                       





Enchanted” (Animated segment of the movie)

(Walt Disney studios, Burbank, CA)

Art Director & Designer                                 





Mars Bar” (short movie) (Studio Arts, Los Angeles, CA)

Art Direction & Design/Modeling/Texturing/Lighting  





Shark Tale” (Dreamworks SKG, Glendale, CA)

Flushed Away

Sinbad” (dvd added segment)

 Visual Development artist 





Treasure Planet”     


Fantasia 2000



(Walt Disney Feature Animation, Burbank, CA)

Visual Development artist & Background painter





The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

Runaway Brain” (Walt Disney studios, Paris, France)

A Goofy Movie”  Backgrounds, Head of Backgrounds





Bamboo Bears” (Le Daf studios, Pantin, France)

Head of Backgrounds, Visual Development





The Tales of Pere Castor”  Typhoon studios, Paris, France

 Visual Development                                   





TV Productions in France:

Head of Backgrounds, visual development artist, Background painter, Layout artist, Character Designer designer.

IDDH Inc.   Angouleme, FRANCE


-“Ninja Turtles”

-“Bucky O’Hare”

-“Prince Valiant”


-“My little Pony”

-“Little Dracula”

-“Conan the Adventurer”

-“Back to the Future”

-“ The Silver Skates”            

-“ Arsene Lupin”       

-“ The Cat in Boots”

-“ Robin Hood”

-“ Gulliver”

-“ Tom Sawyer”

-“ Nicolas Hulot’s Adventures”

-“ Proteo”

-“ Highlander”

-“ 20,000 Leagues under the Seas: 2010”

-“ Night Flight’

-“ Prince Eric”

-“ 1001 Nights”



MAIN CLIENTS  (Freelance work)


Walt Disney studios


Dreamworks SKG


Harper Collins Publishing, New York


Wizards of The Coast, Seattle


Duirwaigh Publishing, Atlanta


Parmenides Publishing, Las Vegas


Quarto Publishing, London


Data Becker Videogames, Germany





Permanently exhibited at :


Chalk Farm Gallery –Santa Fe, NM


Petits Papiers, –Paris, France


Past :


Kaleidoscope Gallery  –Mission Viejo, CA


Galerie Carla –San Francisco, CA


Powell Street Gallery –San Francisco, CA


Morpheus galerie –Beverly Hills, CA





May 2014   

Center Stage Gallery –Burbank, CA


Oct  2005

Jean Helion Gallery, for the city Hall of Issoire, France


May 2004

Kaleidoscope Gallery  –Mission Viejo, CA


May 2003

Kaleidoscope Gallery  –Mission Viejo, CA


Dec 2001

Disney Feature Animation Gallery – Burbank, CA


Dec 1999

Disney Feature Animation Gallery – Burbank, CA


Aug 1998

Galerie Morpheus –Beverly Hills, CA


July 1990

Mural Fresco for the Cultural Center of Universities Clermont-ferrand, France


April 1990

Cultural Center of universities – Art gallery - Clermont-Ferrand, France


July 1989

Mural Fresco for the House of the Arts – Clermont-Ferrand, France


Aug 1989

“ Espace-Photo” Gallery – Clermont-Ferrand, France





Sept  2005

Spectrum 11 years Exhibit, New York, NY


Aug  2005

Chalk Farm Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico


Dec  2004

Studio Stage -Los Angeles, CA


Dec  2004

Kaleidoscope Gallery  -Mission Viejo, CA


July  2004

Kaleidoscope Gallery  -Laguna Beach, CA


Mar 2004

Brave Destiny –Miami, Florida


Jan  2004

Brave Ddestiny - Brooklyn, New York


Dec 2003

Kaleidoscope Gallery  -Mission Viejo, CA


Sept  2003

The Gallery in Cork Street -London, England


July  2003

Kaleidoscope Gallery  -Laguna Beach, CA


June 2000

Powell Street Gallery – San Francisco, CA


Nov 1998

Masterpiece Gallery – Laguna Beach, CA


July 1998

Kaleidoscope Gallery – Mission Viejo, CA


Apr 1998

Every Picture tells a Story – Westwood, CA


Oct  1997

Art Expo ’97 – Los Angeles, CA


July  1997

Art-a-Fair – Laguna Beach, CA


Dec  1993

CFT- Gobelins – Paris, France


Dec  1992

“Le Salon”, Grand Palais - Paris, France


July 1992

Arfeuilles – France


July 1990

Arfeuilles – France


Mar 1990

Palace of Congresses - Clermont-Ferrand, France


Sept  1989

House of the Arts – Clermont-ferrand, France


Aug  1989

Chateaugay Castle, France


July  1989

Murol castle, France


June 1989

Palace of Congresses – Clermont-Ferrand, France


May  1989

Cordeliers xxi Gallery – Clermont-ferrand, France


Apr 1989

Representative of Auvergne in Thonon-les-Bains, France


Apr 1989

Palace of Congresses – Clermont-Ferrand, France


Nov 1988

Palace of Congresses – Clermont-ferrand, France


Mar 1988

Representative of Issoire in the Reader’s Digest’s

“Grand Prix National de Peinture”- paris, France


Oct 1987

Cultural Center Pomel – Issoire, France



HONORS (Fine Art) 


Silver Award for the category Fine Art in the 2005 book “Aphrodisia”with the piece “The Long Sleep”.


Winner of the 2004 New Masters of Fantasy Award in the category Best Imaginative work with the piece “Untouched Gardens”.


Winner of the CG Choice Award ( for the book cover “Predator’s Gold”.


Nominee for the 2003 Chesley Awards, in the category Best Unpublished Color Work


2002 International Juried Online Symbolist Art Show Finalist "The Dreamer and the Dreamed"





Society for the Art of the Imagination, England


Animation Guild (IATSEE local 839)


Mondial Art Academia (France) - California's Ambassador







Baccalaureat A2 (languages, philosophy), France




 Fine Arts School and History of Arts University of  Clermont-Ferrand, France.





Movies, Arts and culture, Sports, Martial Arts, Travel.