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Leonora Sisto winner in 2015 of the Second Prize for creativity, Medal of Merit in the XIII International Art Fair of Buenos Aires. Argentina. October 2014 First Place Mixed Media at the 2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Argentina in 2013 of Lorenzo the Magnificent Third Place Award for Mixed Media in IX International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence 2012 Second place in painting at the Biennial of international contemporary art in Argentina.


She was born on May 21, 1961, in Mexico City exiled Spanish parents. Lic. In Graphic Design, specializing in Illustration at Universidad Iberoamericana, ventures into the paint as a child alongside her father Eugenio Sisto who besides being a great painter parallel to his activities as a recognized administrator, accountant, professor, was the founding Director Franz Mayer Museum until his death in 1993.


She worked for several years illustrating children's books in both Editorial Santillana and Trillas. Participated in workshops such as Oscar Urrutia (drawing nude and painting Flemish) in the Hellenic Institute and Museum of San Carlos respectively in 1999 and 2000, with Frances Turner (Looking Seemed Portrait) 2001 at the Museum of Poplar, in 2013 Gabriela Epstein ( Abstract), 2014 2015 Graphic Archive currently with Felipe Cortes (Monotype)


And though she decides to take up painting professionally until 2011, entering fully into the Abstract Art, she has participated in numerous exhibitions in Mexico City, New York USA, Buenos Aires Argentina, in Florence Italy and Bulgaria Lessedra. 


“I paint with my feelings, my desires, my fears. I crawl under myself, my unconscious opens the door for me and I arrive to the anguish, and when I capture it on the canvass, during the process of painting there is a catharsis that generates internal peace and joy.


The elements that I am now using in my work are cloth fragments, which help me in creating the sensation that I discover those emotions under them. I combine them with textures, which allow me to leave marks such as those our own life experiences have left in our soul, our mind, our skin. Finally, I usually add some text, a verse about the theme I am working, as well as strings, knots or stiches that join, tie or free.


In general I use strong vivid colors. These transmit my passion for life.”


Leonora Sisto Ballvé



"Yo pinto con mis emociones, mis deseos, mis miedos. Me meto debajo de mí misma, mi inconsciente me abre la puerta y llego hasta la angustia y al plasmarlo en el lienzo, durante el proceso de pintar se hace una catarsis que me genera paz y alegría interior.


Los elementos que ahora estoy utilizando en mis obras son fragmentos de tela, que me ayudan a dar la sensación de descubrir debajo de ella esas emociones. La combino con texturas, que me permiten dejar marcas como las que nuestras propias vivencias van dejando en nuestra alma, mente, piel. Finalmente, suelo añadir algo de texto, algún fragmento de verso alusivo al tema que estoy trabajando, así como hilos, nudos o puntadas, que unen, anudan o liberan.


Por lo general uso colores vivos, fuertes. Estos transmiten mi pasión por la vida.”


Leonora Sisto Ballvé





BA in Graphic Design specializing in illustration, Iberoamericana University at Mexico City, 1980/1985.


Workshops with : Oscar Urrutia (Drawing naked and Flemish) Institute Greek and Museum of San Carlos.


Frances Turner (Portrait “Finding similarities) 2001 Poplar Museum


Francisco Messeguer (Technical several) 2007


Workshop with : Gabriela Epstein 2009


Monotype Workshop with Felipe Cortes 2013


2015 : Member of Mondial Art Academia (France) – “Chevalier Académicienne”


2013 : Member of : The Mexican Society of Authors of Visual Arts (SOMAAP)


The Association of Artists of Mexico AC (ARTAC)


World Council of Visual Artists (COMAV)







XIII International Art Fair Buenos Aires Art Gallery of Nations International February Argentina






Second International Biennal of Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina 






IX Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art. Lorenzo the Magnificient Award






First Biennale International Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina








Art Expo New-York, pier 94, from 23 to 26 April


Enigmas, Solo exhibition Asturian Center of Polanco,

March 19 to April 5


XIII International Art Fair Buenos Aires Art Gallery of Nations International, February 19 – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Contrasts, Deportivo Israelita, Lomas de Sotelo

January 20 to February 2


International Meeting Summit, Yuri Lopez Gallery 


Kullins Condesa, Mexico DF December 5, 2014 on 2 January 2015.





Arte Libre, Art Gallery Yuri López, Agusascalientes 139, col Roma, México D.F. 8 al 27 de diciembre


The 5th Painting and Mixed Media Competition, Lessedra ,

Art Gallery, Bulgaria December 11, 2014February 15, 2015.


Dilemmas, solo exhibition, Gallery El Carmen, San Angel Mexico City November 27 to December 31.


2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Art Argentina, Cultural center Borges, from 3 to 10 October


SINO, Yuri López Gallery Kullins, del 15 to August 22


Catartsis, Orizaba 127, Col. Roma Mexico DF September 18 to August 1


World Day of Art, Cultural Center of Contemporary, Mexico, April 12


World Day of Art, National Lottery, Mexico DF from 14 to 30 April


World Day Art, Gallery Aguafuerte, 1 to 20 and April


Water that moves to Mexico, San Pedro Museum, Puebla, from 19 March to 20 April.


4th Chamber naked, Kullins Gallery Yuri Lopez, from 14 to 25 February





The IX Florence Biennale , Fortezza da Basso Firenze.

November 30 to December 8, 2013.


The 4th Painting and Mixed Media Competition, Lessedra ,

Art Gallery, Bulgaria December 11, 2013 February 15, 2014.


7 Delusions , Gallery El Carmen , San Jacinto Plaza Mexico DF

November 28.


Two small-format , Yuri López Gallery Kullins November, December 15


IX Anniversary Chart Archive , Mexico Instituto Cultural Israel AC

6 to 26 October.


Teterias, Bust in clay exhibition and auction, traveling exhibition,

(Octubre a enero 2014)


For love, madness, and death fantasies, Art Code 7 Donceles 66, Mexico DF, September 28.


Rodin and Royal talents contest finalists EL MUNAL, National Museum of Art Mexico City, September 25 to October 25.


Red, Hotel El Prado, Mexico DF September 5 to 30.


The Elements, Yuri López Kullins Gallery, Mexico DF August 29th to September.


World's Voice Foundation A.C. and the museum La Fortaleza" Indian Emilio Fernández.” Festival Frida Kahlo June 15, 16.


First class Art and Culture, 147 Altavista , May 15 to 30


Art Day, Valle de Mexico University, Tlalpan campus, April 15


Art Expo, New York City, March 21-24





First Contemporary Art Biennial, October 3-10, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


“Colors that Talk” collective exhibition, Grand Pedregal, August 31-September 2, Mexico City.


“Beyond Art” collective exhibition, Casino San Angel, March, Mexico City.