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Oleg Osipoff was born in 1969 in a family of doctors in Grodno. He had an ordinary childhood – school, sports sections, games in a courtyard…


He always liked to decorate with bright paints to overpass the “grey everyday life” in the Soviet Union. With that activity he could experience some positive moments in an hopeless atmosphere of that society. At that time he did not realized that it was a desire, and he just drew - colored pencils, watercolor, ink, and sometimes a simple ball pen.


After school, when he was 18 years old, he was called to serve in the army. It was the hard school of life and it influenced his future creativity. During his military service, when time permitted it, he developed his art skills.


After his military service, he enrolled himself in a medical institute, but he never finished it. He preferred to study art in an academy. His country had gradually changed for the better, opened a lot of new and interesting possibilities. He then had the opportunity to visit different countries, get acquainted with different cultures, where he discovered new styles and trends of art. Since this period, his creative way of thinking were transformed and continuously changed. He had the pleasure to do some researches in art history: attending a lot of famous artist’s exhibitions, buying some books about painting and sculpture. After his graduation from the Academy of Arts, he never stopped painting and constantly improved his technique, trying new compositions and color sensations.


His wonderful work of art is a mirror of his subjective perception of the world: reflexions about the books he read, the movies and the theatrical performances he had the opportunity to see, and by his own life vital moments. Some of his works are not entered in frameworks of stereotypic thinking, they forces people to think, analyze and argue about it. He intentionally create the possibility for the viewer to complete the story of what the work is about. His painting’s intentions are to permit the viewer a “releasing of consciousness” and to see something of their own mind construction, only understandable to them. He find it necessary to leave some riddle and innuendo rather than present on the canvas something ready to understand with a normal perception.


He particularly like a quote from Alexander Blok saying that “Тhe direct duty of the artist is to show and not to prove.”


He currently live and work in Moscow. In a typical year he paints four to six paintings. His stunning wonderful work can be seen in private collections around the world: Russia, USA, Israel, France, Germany, Sweden, etc. He had three major solo exhibitions:


1999 : in Warsaw at the “Vienna” Gallery

2007 : in Miami at the “Free Art” Gallery

2009 : in Moscow, at the “Valentine Ryabov Gallery”