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Beatriz Eugenia Hernández is a Mexican artist working in oil, acrylics, mixed media and old masters’ techniques of the XVI century. She is mainly a figurative artist though occasionally falls into the realm of abstraction. Though not tied to a single aesthetics, Beatriz Eugenia is primarily a symbolist artist.


Her work has been exhibited throughout 16 states in her native country in museums, art centers, private galleries and Government forums. Internationally, she has exhibited in Spain, Argentina, Israel, Colombia, Croatia and the United States. The National Museum of Mexican Art based in Chicago, Illinois, USA and the Fadwa Tuqan Museum in Buenos Aires have works by Beatriz in their permanent collections.


Beatriz Eugenia features four solo shows two of which have toured around the country, and more than 50 group exhibitions.

She has participated in lectures at the National Museum of Art in México City (MUNAL) and teaches art at her studio.








Human Figure Workshop with live model. Jose Luis Peña Workshop





Human Figure Workshop with live model. Victoria Gutiérrez Workshop





Abstract Art Diploma. Instituto Cultural Helénico.   Rocío Klapés Workshop





Textures in Abstract Art Workshop. Gabriela Epstein Worskhop





Theory of Composition and Colour theory. Elena Gutiérrez Escolano Atelier


Experimental Textures. Elena Gutiérrez Escolano Atelier





Course on Old Masters’ Techniques in Egg Tempera. Oscar Urrutia /Arte-Renova2000-05, Diploma in History of Art. Prof. Elizabeth Hulverson. Grupo Pluma y Pincel.





Diploma, Workshop on Spanish Classical School of Painting. Centro de Arte Mexicano. Gloria Gómez- Gama. 








DISPOSABLE PLANET, Itinerant Exhibition 


Museo del Desierto, Saltillo Coahuila


Museo Victoriano Nievez, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche


Museo de Antropología Carlos Pellicer Cámara, Villahermosa, Tabasco


Casa de Cultura de Puebla, Puebla 







UPAEP Museum, Puebla


Centro Cultural BAM (Barrio Antiguo Monterrey), Nuevo León 





A GLANCE AT GLOBALIZATION, Itinerant Exhibition.


Jesus Reyes Heroles Cultural Center, Mexico City


Primer Piso Gallery, Mexico City


Potosino Institute of Fine Arts, (IPBA) San Luis Potosí 





A GLANCE AT GLOBALIZATION. Itinerant Exhibition.


San Pedro Museum, Puebla, Puebla


Cultural Center of Puebla, Puebla 







Rosario Gutierrez Eskildsen Center (Public Education Secretariat) Mexico City







Casa Ostia, Mexico City  








Re-vision of the Anáhuac: centennial of Alfonso Reyes’ invitation to the most transparent region, Universidad  Anáhuac, Huixquilucan, Estado de México


After Summer, Mexico-Costa Rica Exhibition, Legislative Palace, Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico



Interconnections, Pinacoteca Guillermo O. Jenkins, Puebla, Mexico



Summer Art, Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, Mexico





Mexican Visual Arts Panorama, Art Museum of Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, Mexico


Diverse Feelings, Pedro Gerson Gallery, Naucalpan, Mexico


Chromatic Women, Bermejo Sea Festival, Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico


Palestine Women: Resistance Behind Walls, Fadwa Tuqan Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Harmony, Color, Style and Technique, Architects´ Board, Mexico City, Mexico


World Art Day, / ARTAC / AIAP, National Lottery Building, Mexico City, Mexico


Woman is Art, Luis Alvarez Barret Center, Mexico City, Mexico


Diana, The Huntress, Congress of Mexico Building, Mexico City, Mexico


Synaesthetic Otherness, Mexican Petroleum Institute, Mexico


Football, a Passion of Millions, UPAEP Museum, Puebla, Mexico


International Mail-Art Project, Interactive Museum of History, Lugo, Spain


Our Turn, Women’s Points of View Festival, MARCA Museum, Cacabelos, Spain 





World Art Games, Croatia. Ludbreg City Museum, Umag City Museum.


Nine Women towards Poetic Otherness  Ater Galleries (Galería Nicole Blanco), Madrid, Spain


Sor, Contermporary ArtsVision, Puebla Airport, Mexico


Vivo Art Guadalajara, Auction for the Mexico Vivo Foundation


Souls without Frontiers, Auction at the National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, Ill. USA


Quintana Roo, State of Quintana Roo House in Mexico City, Mexico


One Hundred Painters, Journalists Club, Mexico City, Mexico


Woman through Art, Senate, Mexico City, Mexico


30 Works from Artists’ Minds, National Lottery Building, Mexico City, Mexico


Woman - Eternal Charm, exhibition of women painters from the Mexican Society of Art Authors (SOMAAP) Azcapotzalco Cultural Center


Human Nude Salon, 3rd edition, YLK Gallery, Mexico, City


After World’s End, Aguafuerte Gallery, Mexico D.F 





International Exhibition of Contermporary Miniprint, Lauderhill Arts Center Florida, EU


Panorama Mix,   Amics de la UNESCO, Barcelona, Spain.


Contemporary Gala,   Pinacoteca Guillermo O. Jenkins, Puebla, Puebla


Masks of Encouragement, Jose Luis Cuevas Museum, Mexico City, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Cultural Center, Nepantla, Estado de México


Passion for Art , Tridimensional Museum of Azcapotzalco, Mexico City


Grateful Dreams,   Benemérito de las Américas Cultural Center, Mexico City


Re-creations, Senators’ Chamber at the Mexican Congress, Mexico City


Human Nude Salon, 2nd edition , Casa Jaime Sabines, México D.F.


Peace, Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala; National Institute of Author Rights (INDAUTOR), Mexico City; Diana Gallery, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca


Abstract Art, a Century of Influence, Aguafuerte Gallery, Mexico City


Contemporary Artists, Rafael Solana Cultural Center, Mexico City


100 Years of Jewish Presence in Mexico, Moyshen Gallery, La Aurora Factory Center, San Miguel de Allende,Guanajuato; Pedro Gerson Gallery, Naucalpan, Estado de México.


Dones x Dones, (Women x Women) Centre Cívic Barceloneta, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain


Mexican Women Painters, Fundacion Sebastian, Casa Siglo XIX Museum, Chihuahua, Chihuahua


Urban Landscapes of Mexico City,   Pedro Gerson Gallery, Naucalpan, State of Mexico


Forming Networks, ISSTEP Gallery, Puebla. 





Alter Ego, Casa Jaime Sabines, Mexico City


Latin American Cultural Autumn, Casa Colón, Huelva, Spain.


Expressed Feelings, Televisa Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Jalisco


Authors in the State of Mexico, Museum of Modern Art, Toluca, State of Mexico.


Paradigm Zero, Casa Frissac, Mexico City.


Women’s Issues , Universidad del Magdalena, Santa Marta, Colombia.


Human Nude Salon, 1st edition, Casa Jaime Sabines, Mexico City.


I am a Woman, Nothing Stops Me, Casa Jaime Sabines, Mexico City.


With a W for Woman, Metro System, Coyoacan and Division del Norte stations, Mexico City


Women´s Day Celebration, Tlanepantla, State of Mexico.


Among Saints, Cultural Center of Condesa, Mexico City.


Erotic Festival, Azcapotzalco Regional Museum and 3D Museum, Mexico City. 





Imagine, Azcapotzalco Regional Museum and 3D Museum, Mexico City.


A Plastic Look, National Institute of Author Rights (INDAUTOR) together with the Mexican Society of Art

Authors (SOMAAP), Mexico City.


Inside a Hacienda, Mizrahi Cultural Center together with The Cultural Texmeluquense Council, Chautla, Puebla


Intertwine, Mizrahi Cultural Center together with The State of Veracruz Congress, Jalapa, Veracruz.


Contemporary Women in Art, Mizrahi Cultural Center together with Balance Gallery, Cancun, Quintana Roo.


22 Visions on the Bicentennial, Itinerant Exhibition, Aguafuerte Gallery, Mexico City. Regional Museum of Azcapotzalco, Mexico City.


Walking Art, Bicentennial Tour, Mizrahi Cultural Center together with the Cultural Center of Morelia, Michoacan.


The Color with which we Look, Mizrahi Cultural Center together with San Pedro Museum, Puebla.


Mabat al Israel, Mexico Festival at the Historic Center, México-Israel Cultural Institute, Mexico City. Pedro Gerson Gallery , Mexico City. Magen David Gallery, Mexico City. Universidad del Valle de México, Tlalpan Campus, Mexico City.


Women Enveloped in the Fine Arts, Regional Art Museum of Azcapotzalco, Mexico City.


Nine Ways, Universidad Tecnológica de Tecámac, State of Mexico. 





Walking Art 2009, Carcamo Gallery, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.


Walking Art 2009, Ciclos 2 Gallery, Cancún, Quintana Roo. Enrique Trava Gallery, Mérida, Yucatan.


Mabat al Israel, tour through several galleries in the State of Israel at Eshkol, Ashkelon and Tel Aviv.


Salon 10, Museum of Modern Art, Toluca, State of Mexico.


100% Peruvian, invited to participate in the exhibit of surrealist Peruvian artists. Mizrahi Gallery, Puebla.


09 Puebla Art Circuit, Santa Rosa Museum, Puebla.


By Courrier , El Blanqueo Industrial Museum, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.


Enigmas of the Soul , Monterrey Technological Institute, Puebla Campus.


27 Meters of Women, Metro System, Polanco station, Mexico City.





Children of the Paint-brush and Other Textures, Mexico-Israel Cultural Institute, A.C., Mexico City.





Quantums, Exhibit on Old Masters’ Techniques in Egg Tempera, San Angel Cultural Center, Mexico City. 





Screaming Colors, El Aguila Gallery, Magdalena Contreras Cultural Forum, Mexico City. 





Expocrater, El Aguila Gallery, Magdalena Contreras Cultural Forum, Mexico City. 





Mexico’s Joyfulness, El Ultimo Rio Gallery, Magdalena Contreras Cultural Center, Mexico City 





Abraz – arte, El Ultimo Rio Gallery, Magdalena Contreras Cultural Center, Mexico City






National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago Ill. USA


Fadwa Tuqan Museum, Buenos Aires


Consorcio Aristos


Despacho Nacional Jurídico Inmobiliario (DNJI), Mexico

Kaanbal, Center for intellectual change and human development, Mexico


Personae Magazine


Private Collectors 








Admitted to the International Artists Association AIAP (Mexico chapter: ARTAC)


Poiesis and Otherness, Nine Women Towards Poetic Otherness, book by Obed Gonzalez Moreno, Blanco Editorial Group, Spain  


World Art Games Catalogue, World Art Games Organization, page 60-61 (


Arte Vivo Guadalajara Catalogue, Fundación México Vivo, page 92 ( 





Works admitted to the National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, Ill. USA


Mascaras de Aliento Catalogue, CONFE, page10


Reasons for Living: Beatriz Eugenia and her Paintings. Magazine La Pluma del Ganso, number 64, by Mauricio Vega Vivas, historian and art critic. 





Jury Selection, Political and Social Art, Infinity Gallery. Jury: Julie Weismann, Flavia S. Zuñiga-West, Mar Dee Hansen.


Honorary Mention, 7th Painting Competition, Carreolitis. Holi-Art. Jury: Isaac Holoschutz.


Jury Selection for the campaign Water in Art with the piece Think, Do you Want Water?. Jury: José Roquero de Teresa, Santiago Espinoza de los Monteros, Pedro Ponzanelli.


Beatriz Eugenia, Painter of the Human Essence, Personae magazine number 134 by José Antonio Ruiz Estrada.


Chosen Artist for Visual Catharsis Art, virtual magazine specialized in art ( 





First Place, Carreolitis Sixth Painting Contest, Holi-Art. Jury: Nahum Zenil and Fernando Lojero. 





Prize to Artistic Revelation. Art Fair, V Expo-Arte Pedregal. Jury: Rafael Payró.








Course: Stories Behind Works of Art, National Art Museum MUNAL, Mexico City, Mexico


Lecture: Integration, Beauty and Communication: Painting with a Purpose, “En Tí la Tierra” Ecocritic and Ecopoetic Forum, Universidad Veracruzana, Anthropology Museum of Jalapa, Veracruz, Mexico 





Lecture: The Disposable Society, UPAEP Museum, Puebla 





Lecture: Simbolism and Evasion: symbolism in Mexico and the work of Alberto Fuster, “Apotheosis of the Peace”, National Museum of Art (MUNAL) Mexico City 





A Glance at Western Art from the Renaissance to Date, Rosario Gutierrez Eskildsen Center, Public Eduaction Secretariat. 



2012 -2014


Director of Painting and Restoration, Mexican Society of Art Authors (SOMAAP, Sociedad Mexicana de Autores de las Artes Plásticas)


Member of the Mexican Association of Engravers and Art Research (AMGIP)