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NnadiArts (Nnadi Ikechukwu)

Enugu State, NIGERIA

Tel. : +2347031151909

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Nnadi ikechukwu is a Nigerian born artist whose creative journey began since kindergarten days. Mysterious as they come and dazzling as they handle, with an eye for detail and deep understanding of colour as means of expression, he has captured audiences far and wide with his range of artistic abilities. Nnadi Is one of the leaders of the New school of Nigerian/African contemporaries who stretch beyond the confines of their environment in their search for artistic freedom, to express the mundane and suppress the angst of the highly oppressive and volatile African environment. He is known to work in large formats and has a fast growing following on social media...





Nnadi expresses himself in oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, etc. He is quite adept in his application of these media. Early in his Career most of his artworks were portraits but as he moved on he began to explore his feelings more because in his words "it is in the acceptance of emotional vulnerability that we actually become stronger. Love, lust, anger are some of the emotions i show in my works and they represent the way I feel while working. i have come across many experiences and i never fail to put them into my art, because i have forgotten the words so many people have said to me over the years but i cannot forget how they made me feel. I often try to reach out to the wealthy in the society through my works, to bring their attention to the fact that while they are wasting food in parties, some families are starving. People are feeling the brunt of the actions we take every day whether we like it or not and I am not just another artist on the block seeking to preach the same old story; most of the subjects you see in my paintings are real people, people I have come across on the street or had the privilege to interact with”. He looks forward to taking his art beyond Africa. And host exhibitions and mount really spacious works. He also have love for young students/pupils especially those interested in art.





Departmental art exhibition | Dreams Alive |

Fine and Applied Arts| University of Nigeria Nsukka.




Final year art exhibition | Fine And Applied Arts| University of Nigeria Nsukka.