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EVELINA (Evelyn-Maria Elenes)

Québec, CANADA

Tél. : (514) 430-8363

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BIOGRAPHY/artistic approach


My name is Evelina Elenes and I am a 16 year old oil painter. I was born and raised in Romania in my early childhood, and immigrated to Quebec in 2003.


I graduated Félix-Leclerc high school in June 2017 and will be pursuing my studies in the Visual Art program at Saint-Laurent College in August 2017.


Since the age of 4 I had been showing interest in color gradients, but it was only at 14 years old that I decided to truly invest myself artistically. That year, in February 2015, I had started using oils to paint portraits using color stacking as my main technique.


Eventually I started improving proportions and dimension due to numerous portrait practice sessions in monochrome. However it was only in October 2016 that I had an emotional breakthrough, then creating one of my strongest pieces “Whispering Birds” struggling at the verge of life and death. My art was directly coordinated with my deteriorating mental state.


I would paint in black to represent the growing darkness that my silence left ravaging. Painting was my only escape, my only reason to why I’d get up the next day obsessively spending 6-8 hours to finish the pieces I was working on. My emotional sensitivity is in fact the trigger that makes my work so profound. 


My addiction to love and pain, the outbursts of delusions, and my singularity brought me here today, creating “Bamboo Garden” a piece exposing my vulnerability, my nude figure staring the death straight in the eyes as I stand impaled in my Bamboo garden, shadowed by men made morbid, my mind being the source of this torturous ritual1– thus relating my visions to drug induced experiences. In this mindscape, the bamboo grows infinitely into the abyss, a pathway into my darkness.


I often illustrate my singular emotions through portraits of the people that have emotionally impacted me at the time. The abstract concepts I create are a tool to explore a more vast area of human emotions, such as what I can bring to the public in terms of sensations and even existential questioning while trying to understand the depth in these concepts. Usually the themes are love, pain, or metaphysical experiences such as recurrent memories, delusions, distortion of space, madness and drug related fiction. I use oil paint and canvases as my media. I also incorporate textures to emphasize some traits such as nature, blood, and the aura that circles some of my characters representing their inner vibrations, the way their soul manifests itself discreetly in the outside world.


1. An ancient Japanese method consisting in tying the victim securely over a young bamboo shoot, rapidly growing and penetrating their body to death.


2. In the painting, the skulls withhold sprouting psychedelic mushrooms that cause a distorted image of the three ex lovers in the background, such the horrific visions I have in my dreams.





I had an exhibition that I organized in my high school on the 26th of May 2017 and I received an award at school for excelling in my art class.