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Anara Abzhanova is a Member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, winner of numerous national and international competitions.


Anara Abzhanova was born in Almaty in 1986. From the early age Anara knew she would be an artist. She could hardly walk, but reached out for a pencil, and when she was three years old she painted on the walls, paper sheets. In 1998, at the art studio under the guidance of renowned artist Alexei Utkin Anara started her professional mastery of brush, where she studied for seven years. Then there was a college by Zhurgenov Kazakh National Academy of Arts, bachelor and master degrees at the same institution, where Anara admired her teachers with her outstanding talent.


Her paintings are full of light, and colors bleeding one into another create inimitable landscape images.


Anara Abzhanova despite her young age is a recognized art master with her own creative vision and recognizable artistic style. Endless hard work, love for work, constant development of the abilities characterize the artist and are the key to her success.


During her professional activity, Anara received numerous awards, including international ones. Along with Kazakhstan, her creativity was honored with the highest awardsin Russia, the USA, Taiwan, Chile, Japan, Italy, Iran, and etc. In autumn 2014, Anara presented 20 of her works at the exhibition in Paris, in the Louvre. In March 2015, Anara became a laureate of prestigious European award of Sandro Botticelli.


Brilliantly possessing with techniques of painting and artistic graphics, she creates works, unexpected, original in their composition and coloring. She is equally interested in a densely populated urban environment as well as in forests permeated with silence, the bright midday lighting and muted undertones of twilights, hot summer heat and cold winter restraint.


Amateurs of Anara’s art say that they love her works for their positive and good emotions that they trigger. Anar is a very bright and cheerful person, and her love for life shines bright on all of her paintings. Each artist’s work is a peculiar confession of love to the wonderful, complicated and interminably beautiful Universe.


Anara’s paintings are in private collections in Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey, France, Italy, Switzerland, the USA, Germany, Japan and Hungary.







Kazakh National Academy of Arts. named after T. Zhurgenov, Faculty “Painting, and Sculpture, Design” specialty “Painting”, an academic degree – Master.


Master's thesis: Landscape Painting in Independent Kazakhstan.





Kazakh National Academy of Arts. named after T. Zhurgenov, Faculty “Painting, and Sculpture, Design” specialty “Easel painting”, qualification – “artist-master”.





College of Kazakh National Academy of Arts. named after T. Zhurgenov, Qualification - Artist, graduated with honours.





Art studio for deaf children under the direction of A. Utkin and GaBo Kussainovs.






Winner of Sandro Botticelli, Florence, Italy, 2015


Fellow of the State grant in the field of culture in 2014


Winner of the State Youth Award “Daryn”in the category of Fine Arts. Astana, Kazakhstan, December 30, 2014


Winner of the European Biennial “EUROPA ARTE”, Paris, France, December, 2014


Winner of the Gold medal “Saint Michael” in the category of “Realism” in the International competition of Fine Arts “ Factors of Visual Art”, New York, USA, 2014


Finalist in the category of “Landscape / Interiors” International Art Competition of the Artist’s Magazine 30th, USA, 2013


Winner of the International competition “Best acrylic painting”. USA, 2013


Winner of the ForteArt’12 competition for young artists, Almaty, October 2012


The Jury Applause, a special prize at the 6th Traditions and Modernity International Arts Festival, Manezh Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia, 4-10 July 2012


Finalist of the second Scottsdale Salon of Fine Arts, Arizona, the U.S., April 2012


Winner of the gold medal “Golden Eagle” and winner of the grand prix in the category of “Realism” in the International exhibition-contest of Fine Art of New York Realism Fine Art “Factors of Visual” New York, USA, December ,2011


Gold winner “Art Curated Classic September Prize, a participant in the group Santiago exhibition with the publication of works in the international ShowArt magazine (issue 4), Santiago, Chile, 30 November - 06 December, 2011


Finalist of the international art exhibition of Taiwan “Art Revolution Taipei”. Taipei, Taiwan, March 22-24, 2011


A scholar of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 2011


Finalist of Annual National Art Competition “Asyl Mura”, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2011


1st place Diploma at International exhibition-competition “Russian Art Week”, Moscow, Russia, 28 September - 03 October, 2010


Recipient of the Winner of the Annual Public Award “Samgau”, Almaty, 2010


2st place Diploma at International exhibition-competition “Kazakhstan Art Week”, Almaty, October 2010


Bronze medal at the plein air-master class at Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt, 2010


Winner of the Asian exhibition “Para Art Tokyo”, silver medal with a certificate awarded for artistic contribution to art work “Old Tokyo”, Tokyo, Japan, 2009


1st place Diploma at the 16th International of Fine Arts Youth, Gorgan, Iran, 2009


in the category of ‘Visual Arts”11th International Festival of creative youth “Shabyt”, Astana, Kazakhstan, 2008


Winner of the Grand Prix of First Special National Children's Art Festival “Zhuldyz Ai”, Astana, Kazakhstan, 2006