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Teheran, IRAN

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Sepideh Yari Borned in 1975 in Tehran-Iran, Graduated in Master of Arts in Graphic Design at Tehran Univercity, Art and Architecture Faculty.


Her Passion to Painting dates back to her childhood.


Having Graduated from University, She Started teaching Graphic Design and Illustration and Painting in several Iranian Universities.


She hasn’t had the Opportunity to Fully Stick to her ambitions to Paintings due to her engagements, nevertheless all her Thoughts and Spritshas been Occupied to Painting which was she dreamt of.


Painting has been a great vacuum in her life. She however strongly believes that her learnings at graphic arena and experiences she gain from teaching were quite influential in creation of her Favorite Style.


Anyway Painting Founds her way in her life in special period of time. Her frst Exhibition was in Mad Gallery in Milan -Italy her technique is mix of Realism & Abstract, she uses different textures to get better combine of this tow style to Create Excited and Movement Compositions is Soothing for her mind and Sprite.