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Sergei Ovcharuk (Sulima) is a dreamer and a romantic, with the soul of a sailor and the delicate hands of an artist.  Sergei’s paintings offer a fresh view on the classic style, and immerse us in the mysteriously spiritual world of impressionism.  The amazing combination of the old master’s painting traditions with expressive colors awakens imagination and leads to deep philosophical thinking.


Ovcharuk was born in 1963, in Lvov, Ukraine. He graduated from the Khmelnitsky youth school of Arts in 1980.  His youthful romanticism led him to the door of Russia’s oldest maritime school, LVIMU (now State Marine Academy) in St. Petersburg. However, under the influence of this historic city – one of the world centers of the arts and culture – he found himself consumed with a desire to follow a creative path, and took up the study of painting.


Meeting with the outstanding master-colorist Vladimir Borodin (alumni of famous V.Mukhina High College of Art and Design, S-Petersburg ) in 1982 was the transformative event in Ovcharuk’s life as an artist, and spending four years studying in Borodin’s studio provided the basis for his development as a painter. Ovcharuk’s romantic-symbolic sense of the world and his passion for color can be traced directly to this period.


Over the course of many years, Ovcharuk dedicated himself to his craft while at the same time constantly reexamining and refining what would become the philosophy that governed his work: ‘The world of the talking things’ in the still life genre, an intimate philosophical view of world told through observation of the simplest things.


The romantic component of the artist’s soul inevitably led him to impressionism, where the vitality of Sergei’s creativity met with bold harmonies of color, the fruit of which constantly attract us with their dazzling newness and unpredictability.  For his impressionistic paintings, the master primarily uses the pallet knife. In Ovcharuk opinion, the knife offers the best tool for his “blind painting” technique, which provides an excellent (and accurate) reflection of his soul.





Since 2018 – Mondial Art Academia (France)


Since 2009 - Zhemaitija’s Artist’s Association, Klaipeda, Lithuania 


Since 2014 - London based artist, member of Wimbledon Art  Studios community, studio No148, London, UK 


S.Ovcharuk has participated in both one man and group art exhibitions , international art fairs in Great Britain, USA, Monaco, Hong Kong ,Switzerland, Austria , Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, as well as the “Art-Gallery of V. Borodin” in St, Petersburg, Russia.


His paintings are represented in the private collections in USA, Canada, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Czech Republic, Qatar, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia.







"I live and breathe painting: it is my passion.


The power of color has been the dominant influence in my life since my early childhood, and its impact is still felt by me today, well into my adulthood.


I am in a permanent state of meditation on colour. Some might regard this as different, but I find it to be the very well-spring of my inspiration. The challenge for me is having no absolute limit to performance: what limits I have, are only momentary in nature. In every work I approach, the promise of a great play of innovation is present; and in every case I am overcome by a sense of “flight powered only by feeling”.


My meditations on colour provoke visceral emotional responses in me. These are almost palpable physical sensations – similar to those I feel when listening to music. The emotions stirred up by these contemplations I then channel into symphonies of colour on canvas. I feel that subconsciously I am replicating the delicate and subtle harmonies of music. Through my painting I try to convey to viewers the same energy, happiness and joy that I feel in my encounters with the physical world. I call this energy an “absolute energy of Love”.


Art means everything to me and there is no greater expression of my love than being able to share with others the beauty and joy I find in the world. In the same vein, my hope is to transmit the same sense of well-being that I feel in knowing that a force for good rules over our consciences. I strongly believe that sensitivity to art both ennobles and enriches human life."


Wimbledon Art Studios, studio No148, SW17 0BB, London







November 16-19 - “WIMBLEDON ART FAIR 2017” / studio No.148 at “ Wimbledon Open Studios” art community, London, UK


November 10-12-  “ WINDSOR CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR  2017 “, personal booth 126, Royal Windsor Racecourse, Windsor, Berkshire UK 


April 21-24 - “ ART EXPO NEW YORK- 2017 “,  pier 94, 12th Avenue, NY, USA booth Solo # S617 


March 29- April 02 - “ LONDON BIENNALE 2017 “, curated by GAGLIARDI gallery, Chelsea Old Town hall, London, UK 


February 21-March 02  -  “ RUSSIAN EVOLUTION 2017 “, curated by THE PARAGON GALLERY , Cheltenham UK 





November 13-15 - “ WINDSOR CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR  2016 “,  Royal Windsor Racecourse, Windsor, Berkshire UK 


July 05 - Solo exhibition “THE TRUE COLOURS-II “,  Art gallery “Icehouse “, Holland park, London, UK 


June 03-05- “ UNTITLED GALLERY ART FAIR 2016 “,  Chelsea Old Town Hall , London, UK 


May 12-15 - “38th  OPEN STUDIOS ART SHOW 2016” membership studio No.148 in“ Wimbledon Open Studios” art community, London, GB


April 21- May 03 - Joint exhibition “ Royal Arts Prize 2016.III Edition “, “ La galleria Pall Mall “ , 30 Royal Opera Arcade , 5b Pall Mall, London, GB 


April 21-24 - “Reading Contemporary Art Fair “-stand No.45, Reading, UK


February 19- Joint exhibition “ THE RUSSIAN EVOLUTION 2016 “, March 02 The Paragon gallery, Cheltenham, UK                     


February 14-17 - TOP-10 finalist of ARTEXPO NYC 2016 Poster Challenge Competition, ART EXPO NEW YORK 2016





November 13-15 - “ Windsor Contemporary Art Fair 2015 “,  personal stand No.13, Royal Windsor Racecourse, UK                           


November 02-07 - Joint exhibition “ Autumn group show 2016 “, “ La galleria Pall Mall “ , 30 Royal Opera Arcade , 5b Pall Mall, London, GB 


October 01-04 - “ CAMBRIDGE ART FAIR 2015 “, stand of “ ARCAN GALLERY” , Cambridge,  UK                              


September 05-13 - “ CHIANCIANO BIENNALE 2015 “, Museum de Arte of Chianciano, Tuscany, Italy                                


June 04-07 - “ART FAIR EAST 2015 “, stand No.26  of “ ARCAN GALLERY” , Norwich, Norfolk, UK


May 02-16 - Personal  exhibition “ THE TRUE COLOURS  “, Art gallery “Icehouse “, Holland park, London, UK  


April 17-  Joint exhibition “ THE RUSSIAN EVOLUTION 2015 “


May 03 - The Paragon gallery, Cheltenham, UK


January 20- 25 - “ LONDON BIENNALE 2015 “, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London UK





November 13-16 - “35 th OPEN STUDIOS ART SHOW 2014” membership studio No.246  in “ Wimbledon Open Studios” art community London , GB


November 07- 09 - “ Windsor Contemporary Art Fair 2014 “, Royal Windsor Racecourse, Berkshire, UK          


September 26 - Personal  exhibition “ Impressions 2014  “,  October 12  Art gallery “Icehouse “, Holland park, London, UK     


August 25-31 - Joint exhibition “Spirit of Art -Vienna 2014 “, “MOYA- Museum of Young Art ”, Vienna, Austria                             


July 25-27 -  Joint exhibition “Parallax  Art  2014 “,  Chelsea Old Town Hall , London, UK 


June 02-14 - Personal  exhibition “ Music of colors  “, Art gallery “AUGB-Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain “,  49, Linden Gardens, Notting Hill, London, UK 


May 15-18 -  “35 th OPEN STUDIOS ART SHOW 2014” membership studio No.246 in “ Wimbledon Open Studios” art community London , GB


May 15-18 -  “ASIA CONTEMPORARY ART SHOW 2014 “, Conrad, HK No. 4125K with  “Studio 26” art gallery , NY,USA , Hong Kong, Republic of China 


April 03 - participation in charity art auction “THE CHILDREN’S  TRUST” joint project with “GREEN HORSE ART”,  London, Great Britain 


March 16-22- Joint exhibition “ Art  of the World “,  “ La galleria Pall Mall “ , 30 Royal Opera Arcade , 5b Pall Mall, London, GB 





December - Joint exhibition “ Winter Art  2013 “, Art gallery “AUGB-Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain “, 49, Linden Gardens, Notting Hill, London, UK 


November 29 - participation in charity art auction “SHOOTING STAR CHASE FAIR” Wimbledon, London, Great Britain 


September 25 -  Solo exhibition “UKRAINE-EUROPE.THE COLOUR BRIDGE” - October 11 Art gallery of Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, 49 Linden Gardens, Notting Hill, London, Great Britain 


September - “UNITY” -Joint exhibition in the аrt gallery “ Studio 26 “, New York , USA 


July 11-14 - “ART HAMPTONS 2013 FAIR “,  with  “Studio 26” art gallery Sculpture Fields of Nova’s Ark, Bridgehampton, NY, USA


June  - “ Bushwick Open Studios ” – June-July show - Joint exhibition


July - in the  аrt gallery  “ Studio 26 “,   New York , USA  


May - Personal exhibition “ Impressions -2 “, “ Navalis ” gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania 


April 25-28 - “ART MONACO 2013 “, Booth No.B18-20 with “Studio 26” gallery NY, USA / Grimaldi Forum, Monaco 





December - Joint exhibition “ Winter Art  2012 “,  Art gallery “AUGB-Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain “, 49, Linden Gardens, Notting Hill, London, UK 


May -June - Personal exhibition “Impression“,  ZAA gallery,Klaipeda, Lithuania





November - Joint  exhibition “ Zhemaitija Artists Association-10 years “  The city music theater,  Klaipeda, Lithuania  





October - Joint  Artists Association exhibition, The city exhibition hall, Klaipeda, Lithuania


June - Personal exhibition  “The talking things “, ZAA  gallery, Klaipeda, Lithuania