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Almaty, Kazakhstan

Tel. : +7(705)217-78-76

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Was born on 3rd May in 1963 in the Pitrtovka village near the Karaganda city, Kazakhstan.  Painter-teacher; portrait, landscape, graphic artist. 


Artistic activity since the 80s.


Created the Art Studio in Karaganda (2003-2016).


Opened art workshop in Almaty (2015).


The artist-expert, the reviewer of textbooks of new generation on a subject "Art".


Published more than 10 works in collections of NPCs of different levels, the author of the manual "Art", a reviewer of textbooks of the new generation in Kazakhstan on art.


More than 20 years was the head of the Children's Art Studio, which is known outside the country.


Her students were the winners in competitions in Moscow, Poland, Japan, Turkey (Ankara), Saudi Arabia, the USA (New York), the Czech Republic (Lidice), Russia (Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Donskoy), Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana) and others.


Was given master classes in painting in Karaganda, Pavlodar, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Moscow, Almaty. 


The founder of the group of artists in Almaty "The apple tree's palette" 






The degree of Bachelor in artistic-graphic faculty of the Pedagogical Institute in Karaganda (1990).


The degree of Bachelor in the geography department in Karaganda University (2004). 







Laureate of the mayor's contest in the nomination "The best teacher of Fine Arts, who prepared the winners of the Republican International Competitions";




Winner of the mayor's contest in the nomination "The best teacher of the Fine Arts". 







Participation in the exhibition "Portrait of Bukhar-Zhyrau, Kazakh thinker"; Karaganda;





Personal exhibition "Origins of creativity" Regional Trade Union Center; Karaganda;





Personal exhibition "Spring tunes", Karaganda;





Personal exhibition "Portraits of contemporaries", Ulyanovsk;





Participation in the regional exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Department of Fine Arts and Drawing at the University, Karaganda;





(July) - personal Exhibition "Living Dream", Moscow, Russia; 


(December) - participation in the International Exhibition. Tula, Russia; 


Participation in the Russian exhibition of the Central Club of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia "Live and Hello"; Moscow, Russia;





(May) -participation in the International exhibition "Everything started with Fouete". (2 works were a gitf for the Academy) Latvia, Riga; 


(November-December) - participation in the International Exhibition "The world of L.N Tolstoy" Iran, Tehran; 


(December) - participation in the exhibition "Image in Art", Moscow, Russia; 


(December) - participation in the exhibition "Horses", Rostov on Don, Russia;





(January)  an exclusive exhibition from the International Plein Air in Thailand;


(March) - exhibition of artists and teachers "Spring Mix", Karaganda;


(March) - personal exhibition "Infinite motives of beauty", Karaganda;


(June) - participation in the International TriennialGraphics. St. Petersburg, Russia;


 (November) - personal exhibition "The Origins of Inspiration", Karaganda;





Personal exhibition "Golden Autumn", Karaganda;


(January) - participation in the International Open-air Exhibition in Greece;


(January) - exhibition "Day of the First President", Karaganda;


(January) - exhibition-competition "Creative graphics" for teachers of the Art, Karaganda;


(February) - exhibition "The 500th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate" Karaganda;


(February) - participation in the exhibition "500 years of the Kazakh Khanate" Astana;





(January) - personal exhibition "Inspired Motives", Karaganda;


(March) - participation in the regional exhibition "Spring in the City", Karaganda;


(March) - exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Black Square by K. Malevich, Karaganda;


Exhibition of the Museum Funds. Historical and Local History Museum of Karaganda


(March) - International exhibition "The concept through the eyes of the artist", Baltic International Academy, Art Gallery ViArt, Riga, Latvia;


(September) - participation in the Exhibition dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of Almaty;





(February) - participation in the exhibition "Artist and nature", Karaganda;


(March) - participation in the exhibition "Karaganda through the eyes of the Masters"


(March) - participation in the exhibition "Woman. Spring, Flowers ", Karaganda;


(April) - International Jubilee Exhibition, Baltic International Academy, Art Gallery ViArt, Riga, Latvia;


(April) -participation in the exhibition "The Magic World of Creativity", Karaganda;


(May) - personal exhibition "Picturesque Duet", Art Gallery "June 24", Almaty, Kazakhstan;


(June) - participation in the exhibition "The Art of Kazakhstan and Karaganda";


(June) -participation in the exhibition "June 24", Art Gallery "June 24", Almaty, Kazakhstan;


(August) - participation in the exhibition "Contemporary Art",  Karaganda;


(October) - organization and carrying out of the exhibition "Russia through the Almaty artists' eyes " with the support of the Consul Russian Embassy;





(February) - organization and holding of the Exhibition "Artistic windows" in the Gallery "Ular", Almaty;


(February) - personal exhibition "Ladies in the Red", Art-Gallery "White Royale" Almaty, Kazakhstan;


(March) - participation in the exhibition "His Majesty - the Woman", Karaganda;


(April) - participation in the exhibition "Creative Studies", Almaty, Kazakhstan. 







Author of a portrait (from the first five) of the Kazakh thinker Bukhar-Zhyrau;





Coffee-bar decoration, wall painting in cultural centers of Karaganda city;





Award in Moscow in the Tretyakov Gallery in the contest "Brush of the World";





Creation of the Children's Art Picture Gallery, Karaganda





Organization and holding of the International Children's Art Exhibition at the suggestion of the Embassy of the Czech Republic "100 children's works from all over the world";





Compiler of the New Program of Textbooks on Fine Art ";





Painting and decoration of walls in private sectors; 


(September) - Demonstration paint-master class in Moscow;





(March) - Master class of acrylic painting in Moscow; 


Registration and painting of the Children's Center "Steps"; 


(April) - Riga. Latvia. The official opening of the hall "Artists of Kazakhstan" by my works and name; 


Carrying out master classes of painting in Karaganda; 


Participation in the international plein air of artists and teachers in Thailand;





Carrying out a Master Class on Painting for Teachers;





Master classes on painting in Pavlodar, Karaganda, Prishakhtinsk, Almaty; 


(August) - Opening of the Art-Workshop in Almaty;





(May) - Illustration of a children's book;





(March) - Painting walls in the House-Restaurant "Happiness", Almaty; 


Painting walls in the restaurant "Entrecote" in Almaty; 


(October) - Founding of the group of artists of Almaty "The apple tree's palette";





Conducting monthly full-scale creative sketches with artists of Almaty. 



Creative works are in museums and private collections in the CIS and abroad :


Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana, Karaganda, Aktau), Germany (Berlin, Hanover, Versmold), Iran (Tehran), Czech Republic (Lidice), Korea (Seoul), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tula, Kaliningrad, Rostov on Don), Belarus (Vitebsk, Minsk), Baltic States (Riga), Thailand (Bangkok), China (Hangzhou), Japan (Osaka).



Diplomas and certificates from the countries : 


Russia (Moscow, Krasnoyarsk)


Belarus (Brest)


Germany (Berlin)


Poland (Torun)


United States, New York (Atlanta)


Embassy of Iran


Kazakhstan (Almaty)


Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)


Latvia (Riga)