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Daniela Nikolova was born in September 1976, in Sofia – the capital city of Bulgaria. From a very early age art was an inseparable part of her life, her biggest passion however was painting. She studied at the Secondary School of Arts and later on continued studying “Fine Arts” at the National Academy of Art, both schools were in Sofia. In parallel with the National Academy of Art education, she worked as a freelance make-up artist in different projects including body art and face painting.


Daniela was the leading make-up artist and graphic designer in numerous fashion shows, giving her extremely wide experience. The fashion show projects she had worked on and the experience gathered there open the gates to the Television business, where she had created studio décor for a number of TV shows, as well as being responsible for the TV hosts and guests make-up and good looks.


As this widening of the skills portfolio gives her new experiences, painting still continues to be a very important part of the life. Daniela had painted luxurious wall paintings in luxury villas of numerous famous persons and successful businessman in Sofia, the Capital of Bulgaria. In 2003 love and destiny play their role - Daniela moves to Greece where she is happily married and has a family. She has two wonderful kids, a boy and a girl – Konstantinos and Eleni. Together with all the changes and challenges in the new life abroad – new country, new language, she continues to create art. The recognition did not took too long to come – Daniela receives invitation to be a part of the Board of Directors for the city`s local Artists Union. Some of the projects she had worked on are the creation of the graphic design of art catalogues for the occasion – the 100th anniversary of the city, later on in 2007 she finalizes a project for the interior decoration of two orthodox Christian churches and she does the painting of the hagiography in them.


She becomes popular artist in the area that she lives and works on art creations, as well as in the rest of Greece. One of Daniela`s paintings has been made as a postcard for the “Mouries Farm - Skyrian horse conservation center”. The Skyrian horse, a horse breed native to the Greek island of Skyros, is one of the rarest and most ancient breeds of horses in the world. Everyone can adopt (because they really need support), even on someone else’s behalf, as an original gift to friends or family. Daniela also adopted a small female horse, as a gift for her children.


Following the very strong education that she had received in the National Academy of Arts in her home country – Bulgaria, Daniela has a strong need to share and pass on to the new generations her knowledge and skills. In 2011 she opens her own art teaching studio “All about the art” where she leads painting and art crafts classes of young kids, teenagers and adults as well.


Having immeasurable love towards kids, she organizes exhibitions and free art activities for Christmas (Santa Claus`s house, Sugar house, Frozen house – all created and painted by Daniela), Carnivals (Styrofoam crafts and face painting), Easter, Summer fests - one of those fests is “Let`s paint the biggest Easter egg in Greece”. This year`s event was featured in more than 70 media, including TV, CNN Greece, online magazines and radios and was recognized as the biggest of its kind in Greece. The charity activities, donations and contributions to the city she lives in – Ptolemaida are an irreplaceable part of her day to day life. Daniela is giving a lot of smiles and happiness to the kids, painting completely free of charge on the premises of the local Primary, Secondary Schools, as well as the Schools for the children with special needs.


For already 5 years with her help in one of the schools there is a summer eco-festival being organized, in which the kids are painting and decorating the school environment, Daniela teaches them how to re-cycle and make trash-art. Daniela is enjoying success both as an arts teacher and artist. Her life and day to day activities are filled with lots of work, creativity, festivals, color, children`s smiles and holidays. A way of recharging with positive energy, relax and keep giving love is to go on excursions, expeditions in the mountain, close to nature and far away from the technology of the modern world, having peace of mind in being close to animals, especially horses and of course her equestrian paintings.


It was love at first sight, I will never forget the day I met on the internet the Andalusian treasures of Jose Maria Caballos Mayoral. The Spanish horses win her passion.  “The king horses of Europe” – aristocratic, intelligent, elegant, calm, passionate and in the same time – brave… with beautifully arched necks, strong hindquarters, expressive movements and a look that is piercing through the heart and soul.


Daniela is strongly connected with the horses of Jose – they are the only source of inspiration for her paintings. “Some part magic and myth, some part mystic and spiritual, those l are the ingredients that make me feel as if I am a part of the Caballos Mayoral spirit” she says. In the past years she has been preparing a collection of paintings themed “ENTENDIDO & INDIO” – Caballos Mayoral.