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Lushnje, ALBANIE

Tel. : 067 64 64 555

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Self-taught Painter


Other art works: Hause and facade decoration


Art style: Surealism ; Realism ; Symbolism


Technique: oil on canvas 


Artur Kadllena was born on 27 October 1968 in Ballsh, Albania


His passion for drawing started in early ages.


In 1978, he joined for a short period of time a drawing course of drawing in Korce. It was at this time,  after seeing that he had a natural talent, when his passion grew even more.


In 1987, his family was transfered from Korca to another city in Lushnje, where Artur still continued to attend the courses in the new city.


In 1991, after the communism regime in Albania fell, Artur emigrated in Greece where he lived for some years in meanwhile working with art relatet jobs as façade and house decoration, painting church murals etc.


In 1995, he returned to Albania.Seeing that the art was not valued from the Albanian society at that time, he took a break from painting and opened his private activity as a furniture producer.


In 2006 – 2009, he completed his bachelor at the Law Faculty at Tetovo State University in Tetovo in the Republic of Macedonia.


After a long break from art, he stars again to paint in 2016. His masterpiece is"The Tragedy of Otranto" with which he will earn the International Prize "KARAVAGIO GREAT MASTER OF ART "in Milan Italy 2018 as well as with some other paintings which he saves in his private collection.


His strongest point is the composition of the critic art. His artwork aims at the negative political and social phenomenons of nowadays, through allegory and symbolism.


Because of his ideas, his style and, and out of box thinking was made possible to gain success and  contacts with various art personalities from around the world. 





International Prize CARAVAGIO, GREAT MASTER OF ART ...... Milan Italy 2018


International Prize BOTTICELLI ... Florence Italy 2019


Participant in World Digital Art Exhibition & amp; Digital Fashion


Presentation where he was honored with the certificate "To the stylistic excellence achieved with his works" by Costanza house of fashion, February 2019.


International prize "VELASQUEZ" in MEAM Barcelona, Spain, April 2019.