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Frans Bleiji-  6-11-1950  Leiden, birthplace of Rembrandt.

At the age of 6 years he moved to The Hague where he attended the elementary school and the lower technical school and earned his degree as a house painter.

In the last year he met someone who could draw fantastic, he made a lot of drawings  of old Roman soldiers which blow him away.

After obtaining his degree he went back to Leiden and bought some painters stuff  for on-going to go, however that may last only for a short time, to much on his mind, so, no motivation.

In the years that followed happened a lot, many different jobs, house painting was probably not the way going through life,he also get married in 1978 however, two totally different peoples with totally dfferent intrest is not really a base for a success for a long term so in 1982 it was finished and they separate, he create in those years occasionally some drawings until to ’84 when he was working for his boss and also for himself and in the spare moments that he has at that time he made a drawing from some horses that made him decide to began follow lessons in art.

He went to the Volksuniversity in Vlaardingen where he made a lot of progress in a short time, the strenght of joy and pleasure!!!

Those progress he made was noticed by the teacher and she gave him the advice to start a education at the Academy, what he did in 1986 and he went to the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

He learned something in the first year however it was not really a success because everything he should learn he already knew by reading books, the only progress that he made was using other materials such as, acryl, aquarel and tempera, but those materials  did not giving him what he expected, well  trying is the only way to find out if it’s suitable and it was’nt.

However it was a pleasant year most of all because everyone asked him for advice about one and other, the power of reading!!

The other reason it was’nt a success, was abstract work, it became more and more abstract and that was certainly, at the moment, not  his kind of work, also the reason that he, in the second year, get some struggles with his teacher and that was for him the reason, the decision, to leave the Academy to find his own way, a way he could’nt find at the Academy.

Eight months of doin nothing was the result of that decision, and than he made the first drawings, drawings who became paintings, and that was the moment he find himself back at his work so all the brakes went loose.

He made his still life paintings but also a totally new branch of work, surrealistic/symbolistic work, totally different of what he usely made but that is what’s always comes back, the adventure in what he was doing, the challenge so  not get bored in his daily business as usual, for him its also ment he can grow, growing in what he want to do, getting  new ideas.

From the moment he had his first exhibition, we speak then of 1988, is there regularly work been sold.

In the initial period he has commissioned many portraits in pencil, in this period he made also his first portait in oil, also in commission, an enemous challenge but a fantastic experience, however the client found it too expensive to buy it, but he has subsequently won a prize with it.

Then he started something why he was leaving the Academy, he started with making abstract paintings, why, it was coming out of himself and let’s call it a part of a adventure, he done that for over a year and then it was over, as following project he made some statues and that brought him to the trompe l’oeil, by making statues you get a very different vieuw of the 3-dimensional, what is the adventage of the adventure, and since than the shadows in his paintings become a priority.





He made his first steps in art in 1984 at the Volksuniversity in Vlaardingen, his teacher noticed the progress he made in a short time and gave him the advice to start a education at the Academy. So he did in 1986 at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In the second year he finished it because the lessons became to abstract and such won’t fit at his way of working, so he was going his own way and became a self-thaught artist.

A note about his work (trompe-l’oeil).

Have objects been stuck on or pinned to the canvas.

It certainly seems like it; you bend over and involuntary want to feel with your fingers whether the push pin has or has not actually been inserted into the canvas.

It hasn't.

One of many notables reactions to Frans Bleiji’s work, referring to the use of trompe-l’oeil. While using the techniques of chiaroscuro and especially trompe-l’oeil, Frans succeeds in breathtakingly capturing the essence of the subject and the underlyig thoughts. But he is not a artist who likes to tie himself down to one particular way of working although his approach should always contain a aspect of realism.

Whatever course he chooses to pursue, realism will always be part of the new route.

For example, his recent work is a fusion of “work after Mondriaan” and realism in a series of work he would like to call “hand in hand”.

And no matter what he produces, the same things always seems to come together in his work because of the fact- and this is certainly worth mentioning here- that Frans is always searching for the third dimension on the flat surface, which why he was given the nickname “the shadow artist” in a newspaper article.

Frans is a self-thaught artist who, after studying at the Royal Academy of Art for more than a year, decided to teach himself everything he needed to know as he felt that the route followed at the academy was not his.

Work in private possession in; Netherland, Belgium, France, England, America, Ireland, Curacao and Switzerland.







Gallery Basalt,  Amsterdam    


1995/ ‘96 / ‘99 


Gallery  Anton Gidding, The Hague 




Nicexpo, Nice 




Gallery Bizare, The Hague      


Holland Art Fair, The Hague, (1997/ ’98) 


Bonefro, Italy 


World Trade Centre,  Curacao 




Art Expo, New York 


1999 / 2000 


Het Erf van Reijne, Krommenie 


2001/ ‘02/ ‘03 


De Heeren van Voorburg 




Artiade The Hague 




Arts & Antiques, J. Hilleman, Arnhem 


Lanart   Lichtaart, Belgium    


Art-Event Antwerp, Belgium 




Art-Event Haarlem 


2004/ ‘05/ ‘06 / ‘07 


Gallery Babs Voskuil, Delft 


Artipico Art Gallery Schiedam 




Miljonairs Art Fair, Amsterdam 




Salon for International Artists, Spa Belgium 


Gallery Lewis Guy The Hague 




Gallery Staf Schoeters Brasschaat, Belgium 


38th Salon, Academie International de Lutece, Paris

(On this Salon winner of a gold medal)  


2007/ ‘08 


Gallery Thuillier, Paris 




The White Room Gallery Galway, Ireland 


2009/ ‘10 


Primavera, Rotterdam 




Dutch Art Exhibition, Dubai 




Annual Dutch Art Fair, Amsterdam 




Arts & Antiques G. Bronsgeest, Dordrecht 


Hilton hotel, Stockholm 


Hilton hotel, Antwerpen 




START Art Fair Strasbourg, France   


Affordable Art Fair - Amsterdam   


Hilton hotel London, England  


Caroussel du Louvre, Paris  


International Modern Art Fair, Austria   


Internationale Biennale, Austria    




Galleria Farini, Bologna   


Gallery v. Veen, Dordrecht    


Nationale Kunstdagen Art Fair, Rotterdam  




Marziart  International Gallery - Hamburg, Germany  


Art Montreux


Paviaart - Pavia, Italie  




Vermeer Centrum - Delft  


Work in private possession in, Netherland, Belgium, France, England, America, Ireland and Switzerland





Medaille d’Or,  38e Grand Concours International,  Academié International de Lutèce, 2007


Modern Art Austria Award, 2015


Sandro Botticelli Award, 2015


Roma Internazional Prize, 2015


Marco Polo International Prize, 2015


Michelangelo International Prize, 2015


Il David di Bernini Award, 2015, Academia Italia in Arte del Mondo


Minerva International Award, 2016, Academia Italia in Arte del Mondo


Special Award Anne Frank, 2016, Academia Italia in Arte del Mondo