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Vilnius, LITUANIE (Lithuania)

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Danguole Serstinskaja is a world's leading drybrush painting Master from Lithuania who focuses on hyper realistic style. Danguole has lifelong experience as an artist, with skill ranging from academic art to impressionistic oil painting, and after producing hundreds of drawings and paintings of landscapes, animals and humans, she eventually found and developed a rare technique which perfectly aligns with her artistic desire to portray animals and people deeply, accurately and efficiently. The said technique is applying oil on paper using a dry paint brush. Having mastered this technique Danguole has gained a liberating amount of control over the intensity of shading and ability to add as much detail as she desires. She works layer after layer, until her artistic vision is fulfilled, and the result is art with distinct tonal gradation, hyper realistic detail and contrast that makes the painting hard to distinguish from a photograph, enthralling many artists and collectors from various and even opposing backgrounds.  


Represented by Alessandro Berni Gallery 





I am a Lithuanian artist focusing on hyperrealistic animal paintings using an oil on paper technique. I grew up in lush and untouched Lithuanian nature which developed a deep emotional connection with it.


My decades of experience bringing up various animals inspired me to create art that focuses on them, expressing their characters, souls, poses and all the details.

After years of academic drawing I found and developed a rare drybrush technique which perfectly aligned with this artistic vision.


I paint by applying oil on paper with a dry paint brush, working layer by layer, shading and detailing until my vision is fulfilled. The result is art with smooth and distinct tonal gradation and hyperrealistic detail.


I hope my art helps people form a deeper connection with animals and contribute to the welfare of the animal world. 





Mondial Art Academia (France)


International Chapter Member of American Artists Professional League


Affiliate Artist of "Circle Foundation For The Arts"  


Education: 1981 - 1985 - School of Art of J.Vienozinskis 







Solo exhibition “Dry Brush” Dog and Cat Boutique-Luxury-SPA, Lithuania


“Duet” Skizze Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania


“ATIM'S Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art” Château Saint Martin de la Garrigue, Montagnac, France


“Animals” Children Hospital, Vilnius, Lithuania





Solo “Realism” Mano Guru Restourant, Vilnius, Lithuania


Solo ehxibition “Animals” Jakov Veterinary Center, Vilnius, Lithuania


Solo exhibition “Hyperrealism” Traku Viesoji Biblioteka, Trakai, Lithuania


Solo exhibition “Touch” Panara, PNB Lithuania


Solo exhibition “Wildlife” Elektrenai, Abromiskiu Rehabilitation Hospital, Lithuania


Group show, Galeria Studija Mindiuzarte, MOA Metropol Opening Art, Sevilla, Spain





Solo exhibition “Animals Beauty” Panevezys, PSMDC, Lithuania


Solo exhibition “Danguole Serstinskaya Pintura” RTVA Canal Sur Andalucia Radio Y Television, Andalucia, Spain


Solo exhibition “Hyperrealism Animals” Samylu Cultural Center, Kaunas, Lithuania


Solo Exhibition “Animal Expression” RTVA  Canal Sur De Andalucia, Almeria, Spain


“Naturligvis” Hamsungalleriet, Tranøy, Norway





“Permanent Collection” RossoCinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy


“Co-Existence 6” RossoCinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy


“What's Next?” RossoCinabro Gallery, Rome, Italy


“Masterworks in Miniature” Gallery One, Mentor, OH, Unated States 







Winner in Oil Human Figure Category, American Art Awards 2019 
Winner in Abstract Category, American Art Awards 2019 
Winner in Abstract Expressionism Category, American Art Awards 2019
2 times Winner in Floral Not Realistic Category, American Art Awards 2019  
Winner in Innovative Category, American Art Awards 2019  
2 times Winner in Portrait of Someone Not Famous, American Art Awards 2019  
Winner in Humorous Category, American Art Awards 2019 

Finalist in the 14th International Art Renewal Center Salon Competition 





Finalist in the 13th International Art Renewal Center Salon Competition 


Masterpiece Winner 2018, American Art Awards 


Finalist in Richeson75 International Competition, Animals Birds & Wildlife 


Hon. Mention-Painting Category, Animals Art Exhibition, LightSpaceTime 


Two-time Special Recognition Category,Animals Art Exhibition, LightSpaceTime, 2018 and 2015


Winner in Humorous Category, American Art Awards 


Winner in Innovative Category, American Art Awards 


Winner in Portrait Of Someone Famous, American Art Awards  


Winner in Religious Or Spiritual Category, American Art Awards 





Winner in Realism Human Category, American Art Awards 


Ten-time Winner in Realism Animal Category, American Art Awards, 2018, 2017, 2015, 2014 year 


Winner in Impressionism Animal Category, American Art Awards 


Winner in Expressionism Other Category, American Art Awards 


Two-time Winner in Floral Realism Category, American Art Awards, 2017 and 2016 


Hon.Mention-Painting Category,Nature Art Exhibition,LightSpaceTime 


Two-time Special Recognition Category,Nature Art Exhibition,LightSpaceTime 


Hon.Mention in Circle Foundation Artist Of The Year Award 





2nd place “Open” 2015 Show, Colors of Humanity Art Gallery 


Special Merit Category, Animals Art Competition,LightSpace Time 





Hyperrealism Magazine No7


Hyperrealism Magazine No6


Hyperrealism Magazine No5


Dogs Outside The Ring Magazine 2019 June


International Realism Book 2019 (14th Art Renewal Center Salon Competition) 


International Realism Book 2018 (13th Art Renewal Center Salon Competition)


Nord Salten (Norwegian Newspaper) 2018 June 


The Richeson75 International Animals, Birds & Wildlife Book 2018


Circle Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine no 10


ATIM Top 60 Masters Of Contemporary Art 2016


ATIM Fall 2016


Dogs And Pupps Magazine 2016 March-April Issue


Lietuvos Rytas (the biggest Lithuanian Newspaper) 2016 March 





President and co-founder of the American Art Awards Thom Bierdz:

"One of the most exceptional artists to win the AMERICAN ART AWARDS consistently is Danguole Serstinskaja. We see the work of thousands of artists each year, but Danguole creates masterful, haunting pieces which stick in one's mind forever."