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Mauricio Avayu Shalom Febrero 2018.pdf





Mauricio Alberto Avayú Eidelstein was born in Santiago, Chile, on June 24, 1968 and graduated as Designer with a Mention in Equipment from the Metropolitan Technological University in 1992, as a Maximum distinction.  


After several years dedicated to the completions in the construction and manufacture of commercial furniture, he decided to undertake studies of drawing and painting in oil with the Glaze in the private academy with the Master Hernán Valdovinos between the year 2005 and 2012. 


On August 30, 2012, he was selected for the Jewish Root Art Group Show at the Círculo Israelita in Santiago.


Subsequently, he prepared the individual exhibition MITO-LOGICA inaugurated at the Youth Artistic Cultural Space Providencia from December 13, 2012 to January 25, 2013, with this sample he achieved a television report on the ARTV program.  


On Monday, May 13, 2013, he inaugurated an individual exhibition made up of 23 works called LEJ-LEJA at the Círculo Israelita in Santiago, open to the public until May 31 of the same year.  


On September 8, 2014, he was selected by the Chilean Jewish Community to paint a work for President Michelle Bachelet, in the context of Tefilá por Chile (Prayer for the Well-Being of the Nation).


On the morning of December 16, 2014, at the Chanukah party at the Palacio de la Moneda, the work “Las Matriarcas”, by the painter Mauricio Avayú, was presented to President Michelle Bachelet by the artist at the presidential palace in this same event. opens "The Mural of Genesis".    

On December 16, 2014 in the afternoon "The Mural of Genesis", oil on canvas 10 meters long by 2 meters high, reopens in the Sephardic Maguen David Synagogue in Santiago de Chile.


On December 10, 2015, the solo exhibition "Messengers" was inaugurated at the WIZO (Womens International Zionist Organization) headquarters in Santiago, Chile.    


On September 11, 2016, the “Community Mural” painted by the artist was inaugurated at the Nueva Bnei Israel synagogue in Santiago de Chile.


On December 9, 2016, he inaugurated the individual painting exhibition "Mensajeros", at the Sefaradí Maguen David Synagogue in Santiago de Chile.


On October 18, 2017, as a guest to participate in the collective exhibition and auction "Painted Hearts", at the Dehesa Golf Club in Santiago de Chile, held by WIZO (Womens International Zionist Organization) of Santiago de Chile.    


Between July 12 and September 5, 2018, he inaugurated the solo painting exhibition, "The Light Behind Genesis" at the Casa Diego Rivera Museum in Mexico.   


Between September 6 and 30, 2018, he inaugurated the solo painting exhibition, "The Light behind Genesis" at the Monte Sinai Community Center Community in Mexico City.    


Between October 2 and 30, 2018, he inaugurated the individual painting exhibition, "The Light behind Genesis" at the CITEK BUSINESS SUMMIT 2018 event at the Fox Cultural Center, (Center of Mexican Former President Vicente Fox).  


On November 12, 2018, he is invited, by the former first lady of Mexico Martha Sahagún and by former President Vicente Fox to auction some of his pieces to the high fashion event "Fashion Days" in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. He is currently working on finishing a large-format mural work soon to open on May 24, 2019 in the newly built Nueva Benei Israel Synagogue, in Santiago de Chile.    


On May 25, 2019, he is invited to participate in a charity event, to benefit the National Society for the Protection of Children, works that will be auctioned at the National Museum of Fine Arts, in Santiago de Chile.   


Collective Exhibition Wizo Kosher Food & Wine, Aventura Turnberry Marriot December 12, 2019. From February 27 to March 19, 2020 Individual exhibition at the Michael Ann Russell JCC Cultural Center, Aventura. 






There has never been a visionary artist quite like Mauricio Avayu. He is a top-tier talent who has taken a singular extraordinary turn in modern art. For his work seems to belong to the Quatrocentro, where West European religious art bloomed in quiet green gardens of nativity and crucifixion themes. Leonardo broke with this tradition by concentrating on mother and child, and an elusive feminine smile that hinted at a secret the viewer can only guess at (pregnancy?).


Michelangelo also broke with it to show God’s pointing finger almost in eternal touch with humanity’s across a synaptic gap. Michelangelo dared more with his Hebraic ground-breaking statue of King David in slingshot youth.


Quatrocentro art was themed to an unschooled mass audience, more Christian in focus than the Nicene Creed.  It generally avoided anything Hebraic, paid for by the Church or superrich landowners. At the same time, the teachings of the Jewish fathers to the faithful were for too long to avoid graven images (as flourished in the ancient world). Those Jewish artists who crossed this line by Quatrocentro times did so generally in a blurry style, like an out-of-focus camera that does not recognize clean borders. 


It is fitting that, in an age of time-space union, Avayu has created his own modern vision of ancient Judaic traditions.  His major themes are faith and continuity. From Genesis to the Talmud. In a vast array of masterworks that span chronological time. Thus, a pre-rabbinic scholar, with the Book in hand, can embrace a congregant with an expression that broadcasts one of the crucial essences of Judaism: compassion.  It is all low key, like the Mona Lisa’s smile. It appears to encompass both the prophetic and rabbinic ages of Judaism, in a style clearer than crystal. Prophet, sage or Talmudic scholar are all compressed for the seeing eye as compassion. The time cannot be dated; like Mona Lisa’s smile, it is eternal.


In the Chilean corner of Latin America, Avayu has created a great body of masterwork, including a gigantic mural. Most details of any piece or parcel, such as fretwork or his clockwork-innards racing horses, can stand as art alone. Recognized in his own country, he is now reaching out to the greater art world itself. He is a revivalist, reviving a lost Judaic civilization in religious and unifying terms in a secular age.  We have never seen this before so clearly.


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