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My name is Esther Pollak (née Federic). I was born in Chile in 1982, where I have lived all my life. I’m married and have 5 children (ages 3-17) and, until recently, I was mostly a stay-at-home mom. I studied Architecture (which I didn’t finish, because in the meantime I became an Orthodox Jew, got married and started having kids, which made it really hard for me to finish such a demanding career) and later Pedagogy. I worked for some years as an Elementary School teacher, but soon realized I wasn’t really cut for the task and was having a hard time staying motivated and getting the job done day in and day out. Still, I always had the certainty, a hard to explain knowledge somewhere in the depth of my heart, that there had to be something out there really meant for me, professionally speaking.


About two years ago, I had what we could call an “epiphany”. I saw a breathtakingly beautiful Jewish painting at a friend’s house and knew, right then and there, that painting was precisely what I was meant to be doing! I embarked on a rather rigorous regime of art lessons, three times a week for several hours at a time (plus daily at home practice), for about two years, and it literally opened up a new world for me. After the pandemic broke out, I stopped going to classes and have continued mostly on my own. I’ve come to discover that one of the things I enjoy the most about painting is the solitude, the quiet and the time with myself. And mostly, I’d day that to me painting is a spiritual experience, where I connect to God and my inner spiritual reality. Probably that’s the reason why most of my work deals with religious themes.


I still have so much to learn and grow as an artist, and I think that I’m still discovering what my style is, but I’m really happy and grateful for where I am right now in this awesome journey! 






2019: “Contingencia!” (exhibition that explored the social revolt that took place in Chile at the end of 2019 


2020: “Transformation in Judaism: change and evolution as described in the Torah and in the Jewish life experience” 






Elementary school teacher (specialized in Math and Science)


Amazingly motivated and joyful plastic artist


Highly organized, reliable and responsible


Creative and always looking for new ways of self-expression


Passionate traveler 






1987-1999: Attended Instituto Hebreo (Santiago, Chile) for Preschool, Elementary and High School 


1999: obtained the highest national scores on the Chilean university entrance exams (in language and mathematics) for which I was honored (with a group of young students) with a celebration breakfast with the President. 


2000: Architecture, Universidad Catolica de Chile 


2005-2010: Elementary School Education, Universidad Andres Bello 


2017-2020: Private art lessons with recognized Chilean fine artist Mrs. Virginia Cordero 






2011-2012: Elementary teacher at Craighouse Intenrational School (Santiago, Chile) 


2013-2017: Elementary teacher at Maimonides School