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Born in 1955 in Gijón, Asturias, Spain.


He’s been a professional commercial photographer. At the same time, almost from when he started, he developed a fruitful creative career. While still young, in 1977, he gives his first individual exhibition.


The dedication he’s put into his personal works has been the fundamental reason for giving up his work as a commercial photographer in 2003.


Nowadays, he has no relation at all with the production of commercial photos in any field, dedicating himself exclusively, to where photography is concerned, to his own personal works.


After several collections in his possession, determined to overcome the limitations imposed by the object or the persons used as the starting model for his photos, he began to investigate a way to avoid having to express himself through recognisable forms or identifiable persons.


His investigations were successful, giving way to the first non-objective collection in 1991. From then on, he used the reality only as a ground for searching and discriminating the symbols that, after, will be converted into new characters within his works and collections. The main feature of his photos is that their origin is unrecognisable.


The system he uses for calculating makes his photos look like they have been manipulated, but all his works up until 2010 has been done on negative, and it’s only from then on that his captures are digital.


In 2011 he published the book “Simultaneous Reality. Essay on the approach to another type of photography”, where the key can be found for understanding the possibility of using an object as something that is not real.


The book, in Spanish language, has been translated into English and Russian. He is considered the father of Photosymbolism.


From 1991, the time he started his work on the Simultaneous Reality, he began giving titles and numbers to his collections. At the time of writing these lines he had completed 30 collections and is working in the next one.







Number of copies and sizes for each and every picture :


100 x 100 cm: 5 copies and 2 author tests. 

40 x 40 cm: 10 copies and 2 author tests. 


Prints : All copies are printed with HDR ink on Cold Press Bright Museum Art paper of 340 gr. All the works includes Digigraphie certification on the serial number and technical aspects of the copies. 






 Simultaneous Reality. Essay on the approach to another type of photography”. 2011. 206 pages, 21 x 15 cm. Also in Issuu.


 “Somnios”. 2017. 86 pages, 18 x 15 cm. Also in Issuu.


 “Imitalmas – Auctores”. 2017. 94 pages, 18 x 15 cm. Also in Issuu.


 “Yoes”. 2018. 100 pages, 18 x 15 cm.


(The books “Somnios”, “Imitalmas – Auctores” and “Yoes”, belongs to a collection of 12 books about my works that Ferramulin Editions is doing on my collections)


Círculos de Confusión. 2018. 326 pages, 28 x 24 cm.



Other books 


Internationale Kunst Heute 2017, pages 130 and 131, 30 x 22 cm. 







Photography is my world.


My photographs deviate from Photorealism to enter Photosymbolism with the metaphysical vision of a simultaneous reality of which I consider myself a privileged witness.


For me, the evident is only the mask of reality.


I have had to find a way to change the most obvious reality into symbols and these symbols into a new reality from which my scenes originate; scenes that I see when I'm able to take off that mask of reality.


With my work I have discovered that what we don't see is exactly in front of our eyes.


The objects made me think of the object itself and not about my sentiments, this is the reason why in my photographs the starting object used is not recognisable, so that the final image can speak for itself.

Each picture comes from one solitary shot and without this shot there is no picture.


My work made me a better human.









Diciembre - Sala San Félix. Candás. España





Julio - Sala Caja de ahorros. Avilés. España


Agosto - Sala Banco de Asturias. Gijón. España





Mayo - Casa de cultura. Burgos. España


Junio - Club de tenis. Gijón. España





Diciembre. Sala Caja de ahorros. Gijón. España





Marzo - Galería de arte Capilla San Lorenzo. Gijón. España


Julio - Casa de Asturias. Buenos Aires. Argentina





Febrero - Sala Cajastur. Mieres. España


Marzo - Sala Caja de ahorros. Gijón. España


Marzo - Sala Caja de ahorros. Oviedo. España


Abril - Sala Caja de ahorros de Asturias. La Felguera. España


Abril - Sala Caja de ahorros de Asturias. Avilés. España





Enero -  Sala San Félix. Candas. España


Abril - Sala Principado de Asturias. Madrid. España





Septiembre - Galería de arte Capilla San Lorenzo. Gijón. España





Febrero - Palau de Vivel. Vall d´uixó. Castellón. España


Marzo - Auditorio Wenceslao Ayguals de Izco. Vinaròs. Castellón. España


Agosto - Feria de arte Forte Di Marni. Italia. España


Septiembre - Museo etnográfico y de arte moderno. Chielavinsk. Rusia


Octubre - Sala de exposiciones del castillo. Peñíscola. Castellón. España


Octubre - Galería Le Petit Atelier. Lérida. España


Diciembre - Museo de las Artes. Kurgán. Rusia





Marzo - kunst Art. Bolzano. Italia


Junio - Carrousel del Louvre, Art shopping. Paris. Francia


Julio - Central gallery Constantin Brancusi. Kishinev. Moldavia


Septiembre - Museo de Bellas Artes. Castellón. España


Octubre - Carrousel del Louvre, Art shopping. Paris, Francia


Noviembre - AFF Hamburgo. Alemania


Diciembre - Art-Expo Miami.  EEUU





Febrero - AFF Bruselas. Bélgica


Marzo - AFF Milan. Italia


Mayo - FA Pordenone. Italia


Octubre - Art Shopping Paris. Francia


Noviembre - Arte Padova. Italia





Marzo - Arte Cremona. Italia


Abril - Almoneda. Madrid. España


Junio - Galería Le Petit Atelier. Lérida. España


Septiembre - Art3F Bordeaux. Francia


Diciembre - Feria de arte de Piacenza. Italia





Febrero - Feria de Arte de Génova. Italia


Abril - Feria de Arte de Lyon. Francia


Septiembre - Art3F Paris. Francia





Febrero - Feria de Arte de Génova. Italia


Mayo - Afundación Abanca. Vigo. España


Octubre - MUCBE. Benicarló. España





Enero - Art3F. Paris. Francia


Mayo -  Art Fair Lausanne. Suiza


Agosto - Art Sylt. Alemania


Septiembre - Museo etnográfico y de arte moderno. Chielavinsk. Rusia


Noviembre -  Art Fair Luxemburg. Luxemburg





Enero - Art Fair Paris. Francia