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Robert was born in Liverpool England in 1951 and realized that he had a fascination with light at about ten years old when a science teacher, Mr. McKay; while looking back at the class through a mirror, asked, "If you cannot see my face in the mirror, then raise your hand and you can leave early for lunch" Robert clearly saw him but raised his hand. 

The rest of the class was allowed to leave, and Robert received a stern lecture on the importance of honesty! This experience has stayed with him right up to this day, and affects each photograph he takes as every detail is carefully scrutinized through the viewfinder before releasing the shutter.

After moving to Canada in 1966, he has embraced the art of photography and has shared exhibitions with several other photographers over the years, but the craft and his journey has been a very private and personal pursuit.

Today; light, shadow, contrast and tonal values are all that matter. Never missing an opportunity to constantly educate himself, he has attained a better understanding of the deeper significance that the camera holds, and the liberating effect that having it in his hands provides.

According to Robert, it's about the soul of the camera and how he is able to relate to it.






Exhibit at La Salon des Beaux Arts at the Louvre in Paris, France


Exhibit at The Tet Gallery in Forbach Germany



Exhibit at La Salon des Beaux Arts at the Louvre in Paris, France




Member of the Society of Arts-Sciences-Letters Paris, France


Member of  Mondial Art Academia (France)




Highest Commissions Award, Silver Medal from the Arts, Sciences and Letters Academy of France