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Port Dover (Ontario) CANADA

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I grew up in the small town of Chateauguay, Quebec, south of Montreal. Summers were spent on Lake St. Francois where I enjoyed the water, wildlife, glorious sunsets and amazing summer storms.  I fell in love with nature - I thoroughly relish every dynamic aspect of our Canadian four seasons.


Textures, lines, colours - tints, tones, shapes, forms, together with the Elements of the Universe have always intrigued me and were reinforced in Art classes in High School and my world of floral art.


Sketching floral designs, then creating them became my forte and signature in the floral world.  I was commissioned to work on stage at three annual Canada Blooms Events in Toronto, Ontario.  I also received invitations to design on stage for floral wholesalers during their open houses and served on the Flowers Canada Board for Canada and my province of Ontario.


A greater honour was received when I was selected in 2002 when I was commissioned by the National Capital Commission to be their floral artist at Rideau Hall, One Sussex Drive, Ottawa, Ontario for the Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson and Prime Minister Jean Chretien and other Government Leaders.


I thought I had found my life's path, however, in 2018, a photographer who was enamoured with my floral designs invited me to join him on a photoshoot, he gave me a Pentax K5 to use and my journey and love of photography blossomed - I am as they say 'head over heels'.


The excitement and joy grew as I captured the amazing outdoors.  When my businesses allow me to get away, I eagerly travel to many of our beautiful country and lakesides no matter the weather.


I love the challenge of strong winds where nature wildly dances with divine happiness and my patience is rewarded when I find that perfect split second between gusts of winds allowing me to capture the beauty!


I am thankful to have discovered photography.  It is an amazing channel for me to eternally combine my love of life and nature.



Exhibition in May - June 2019 at the Edinburgh Square Heritage and Cultural Centre, Caledonia, Ontario and am presently in one in the Flyer's Cafe and Bakery in Dunnville, Ontario. 


Member of the Haldimand Photographers are Grand :

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