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We cannot escape the influence of the “powerful” art which various culture make us now.  Even if we sometimes failes, it is important  to look at their work and feel the message of accomplished artists. Also, trying to understand their aspirations, to allow their works to broaden our field of vision.

In this times of multiple influences, methodical instructions, photos shows us all the different ways of approaching objects, subjects, and allow us to develop the principles necessary  for the realization of our own projects.  In doing so, you learn to express your own sensitivity. Previously, the preparation of the work could be limited to sketches or as a summary model for an achievement and a finished creation, the means have evolved since then.

With MONDIAL ART ACADEMIA, I want to greet you Friends, Artists, to honor your skill, your creativity, inspiration or heightened sensitivity, to crown and to reward your most beautiful creations,  grace, virtuosity and sincerity in the execution of your work, everything that makes the artist as unique, beautiful and worthwhile.









First, I want to thank our very talented Chairman, Pierrick Her, who wishes to humbly offer future Academicians, a showcase for all to sometimes share a successful career, sometimes the birth or the result of an approach to both intellectual and instinctive artists of the highest caliber.

In addition to having received the grace to perceive the world with high sensitivity, these artists have the gift of being able to sublimate their thoughts, communicate and express themselves creatively through a variety of means, mediums and media provided them.  This is the process resulting of several years of hard work and dedications to their discipline, the Academy wishes to crown today  Firstly the recognition of peers sharing the same passion for art, then, offering concrete ways to advertise and especially reward the efforts of its members.

We have the chance to evolve in an era that offers us the opportunity to enjoy powerful means of large scale dissemination.  And so, it is through these opportunities that arises the vocation of MONDIAL ART ACADEMIA.  This address will allow all art lovers or casual, curious, passionate and unconditional, from the four corners of the globe, t get concrete in contact with the artists, but also to share the secret motivation of their psyche.  This sharing is a great privilege for all the growing community of the Academy.

The team working at MONDIAL ART ACADEMIA is warmly grateful for the confidence you bring her and the opportunity you offer her to live along with you this great adventure of living as an artist.

With the wish to meet you one day to congratulate yourselves  personally.




Vice-Chairwoman and Ambassador for United States.