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Sergei Inkatov
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Sergei Inkatov
13 Sep 1971
Peinture à l'huile
Sergei Inkatov was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1971. In 1987, he entered art vocational
school to study painting. He later moved to Tver, Russia where he continued his artistic
studies. He is an active member of the Estonian Artists’ Union.
Inkatov’s original abstract oil paintings have been exhibited internationally.
His expressionistic artworks are vivid and richly textured. Inkatov’s paintings
radiate a life of balance and positive energy.

Probably, my arts way was destined from above. As far back as I can remember I
always paint being at home, child’s art school and college. Now, it seems for me that
the painting chose me not I. I suppose this some kind of a mission to perform in order to
show the world’s beauty and richness, its wonderful forms to reflect on the canvas.

There was one meeting to help me to realize that I was on the right way. I was
thirteen and had been going to the child’s art school for some years. Our group and my
teachers went to a park with historical constructions and rich landscapes to sketch.
There were filming by director Sergey Paradzhanov at the same time. He was interested
in our works watching our sketching while taking some time off the shooting. He turned
to me for my drawing and wrote on the back side of it “Dear teacher, You’re lucky to
have a such talented boy, help him, please, he’s not an ordinary one” followed by the
next “Dear Namesake, it’s true You’re an artist, never stop painting”.
He continued to shoot the film. Only with aging I realized how authoritative and
interesting character Paradzhnov was, not only a bearded unknown that I saw at that
time. The words “It’s true you’re an artist” that he told the youth certainly gave me an
added boost of confidence.

The world around beauty, cities, architecture, everything that was human-created
for centuries inspire me as a painter. I like city pulse, its dynamic. There’s a place for
the urbanistic composition and philosophical meditations in my creative work.

My favourite means of self-expression became the oil-painting on the canvas once
and for all. This skill gives me all artistic freedom and at the same time makes me to
stay on the soul searching offering the new opportunities.
Painting is one of the best human inventions because it allows to present the entire
world in a piece of painting.

2002. Russian Drama Theatre gallery Tallinn. Estonia
2002. Obu gallery Tartu. Estonia
2003. G` gallery Tallinn. Estonia
2003. La Galerii Passage, Tallinn. Estonia
2004. Art-link gallery Tallinn. Estonia
2005. Fine Art Portland. USA
2006. Hammond gallery Tallinn. Estonia
2006. PARADOJA gallery Madrid. Spain
2007. Gallery - G. Tallinn. Estonia
2008. Würth gallery Tallinn Estonia
2008. AKMENZ ZENKLAI Vilnus. Lithuania
2008 Torcul gallery Barcelona. Spain
2009 Art museum Narva. Estonia
2009 Marziart gallery Hamburg. Germany
2009. N Prospect St Peterburg. Russia
2010. Fine Art UK
2010. Russian Art Fair. Park Line Hotel. London. UK
2010. Summer Contemporary Fulham Art Fair. Unique Art Gallery. London. UK
2010. Art action Antonia gallery. Riga
2010. Fortak gallery Berlin. Germany
2010. Salon Art Bizzare, La Gallerie Pall Mall. London. UK
2011. GM 18. St. Peterburg, Russia
2011. Fortak Gallery Berlin. Germany
2011. Petropalace St.Petrburg. Russia
2011. Make Your I.D. Tallinn. Estonia
2012. Architecture Gallery London. UK
2013. New-Place-Gallery Hertogenbosch. Netherlands
2013. Blokhus Gallery. Denmark
2013. Art Expo Bejing. China
2013 Make you ID, Tallinn. Estonia
2013. Tallinn City Council. Estonia
2014. Rotermani Galerii. Tallinn. Estonia
2014. V58, Arhus. Denmark
2014. Kochi Aidad. Tallinn. Estonia
2015. Sala Concell 242. Barcelona. Spain
2015. Department of Agriculture. Tallinn. Estonia
2015. Archetecture Gallery. London. UK
2015. Sala Concell 242. Barcelona. Spain
2016. Kunst og Kage. Ryomgard. Denmark
2016. Alter Studio. Tallinn. Estonia
2016. Art Expo. New York. USA
2017. Kiek in de Kok Historical Museum. Tallinn, Estonia
2017. Kochi Aidad. Tallinn, Estonia
2017. Mercedes center. Tallinn, Estonia
2017. Art Nordica Copenhagen, Denmark
2017. Amsterdam Art Fair
2018. Colorida Art. Lissabon, Portugal
2018. Instant Art, Sent, France
2018. Art Nordica Copenhagen, Denmark
2019. Art Nodica Copenhagen, Denmark
2019. Keila Joa Schloss Fall, Estonia
2020 Staapli 3 Galerii, Tallinn, estonia
2021 Hay Hill Gallery, London, UK
2021 Disaini ja Arhitektuurigalerii, Tallinn, Estonia

2006 Diploma of excellence, Global Art Annual UK
2010 Prize winner of the cultural heritage foundation, St. Petersburg, Russia
2017 Gold medal in abstract painting category,
Prix International des galeries et choix des professionnels de l’art 2017
2019 First place in abstract art category, Art weeks in France, Miramas
2019 Gold medal in abstract painting category,
Prix International des galeries et choix des professionnels de l’art 2019
Winner of the competition “Tallinn European Capital of Culture 2011 ”
Member of Mondial Art Academia, Ambassador in Estonia
Member of Estonian Artists’ Association

Image 1
Power of Love 80x90cm, oil canvas


Image 4
The Birth of Happiness 90x90cm, oil canvas
Image 2
The Birth of the Summer 80x100cm, oil canvas


Image 5
Purple Echo 80x9cm, oil canvas


Image 8
The Birth Happiness 2, 90x90cm, oil canvas
Image 3
Blue Dream 80x100cm, oil canvas


Image 6
Intrigue 100x60,oil canvas


Image 9
Premonition 100x80cm, oil canvas


Image 12
The Hope 80x100cm, oil canvas