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Choy Yat Chun
Hong Kong
Art composites a major part of my life and is my greatest passion. I find sketching on streets intriguing as I could meet new people and befriend them through chatting and exchanging ideas. Amid all types of art form, watercolor is my favorite given its romantic and unique nature. I also enjoy using ink pen lines, hence this technique is widely adopted in my various drawings. Flower is my main drawing subject as it has the ability to demonstrate multiple emotions and notions through its tone and form. I am dedicated in sharing happiness through my drawings – It is my sincere hope that everyone could feel their inner peace from enjoying and observing my paintings.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Choy Yat Chun Anthony is an avid sketcher and watercolor painter who finds joy through sketching around the streets of Hong Kong ( mainly Hong Kong traditional buildings) and flower painting.

He is an active local post-80s artist, also a member of International Watercolor Society and an exhibitor at local cultural festivals. Since 2012, he began to use pen and ink pen to sketch different subject whatever animal, portrait, cityscapes or countryside scene. The black line can reflect his emotion to the drawing object and you can feel different expression from the width of the ink line. Since 2016, he began studying watercolor and flower becoming the major object. The series of Hydrangea paintings is the signature of his portfolio and now he is exploring different techniques to depict the beauty of flower, so he went to Thailand and Taiwan for visiting several flower painting masters to study and sketch everywhere in 2017.

2017. Street art fair “Sai Kung Art and About”, Hong Kong

2017. 1st International Watercolor Festival in UAE

2017. 2nd International Watercolor Society India Biennale
“Harmony Through Watercolor 2017”

2017. 2nd International Watercolor Society Pakistan
“Pearls of Peace, Season II”

2018. Pass It On Embrace Life Exhibition, Hong Kong

2018. 2nd International Watercolor Festival, Nepal

2018. Mini Castra exhibition, Slovakia

2018. 1st International Watercolour Festival of IWS Czech Republic

2018. Hong Kong and Taiwan Joint Exhibition (香港台灣水色聯展)

2018. Urbino In Acquarello Festival, Italy

2018. Fabriano in Acquarello Festival, Italy

2018. “Our Wonderful World” International watercolor exhibition Ukraine Kharkiv

2018. Hong Kong Watercolor Society 2o18 Show, Hong Kong

2018. Midsummer Flower Exhibition (仲夏花語), Hong Kong

2019. Solo Exhibition by Yat Chun at Europa Tea Foundry, The Mills, Hong Kong

2019. MTR Choy Yat Chun’s Solo Watercolor Exhibition, Hong Kong

2019. Hotel Art Prints Exhibition, Ovo Hotel, Hong Kong

2019. IWS Hong Kong in City Art fair Shangri-La, Hong Kong Hotel

2019. Exhibition of Floral Paintings & Flower Arrangement Exhibition, Hong Kong

2019. Albania Super Tirana International Watercolor Biennale, Albania

2019. III International Watercolor Festival, Slovenia

2019. 1st International Watercolor Festival, Myanmar

2020. Solo Exhibition by Yat Chun at Loupe, PMQ, Hong Kong

2020. Fantasia Watercolor and Jewelry exhibition, PMQ, Hong Kong

2021. Yat Chun and students (Adult) joint exhibition, Fortune Metropolis, Hong Kong

2021. Yat Chunand students (Junior) joint exhibition, Lassana Café, Kowloon Bay

2021. Solo Exhibition by Yat Chun, Hotel Stage, Hong Kong

2021. Solo Exhibition by Yat Chun, Woman Boss, Hong Kong

2021. Solo Exhibition by Yat Chun, Fortune Metropolis, Hong Kong

2020. Malaysia International Online Juried Art Competition
Top 80 Painting Award (800 participants)

2022. France Art Connexion Mondiale Exposition D’ Aquarelle France
Pologne Contest
-Top 50 award
-Contest Winner

2019. LaborLimae Exhibition Award, Galleria Esdé Gallery, Turin, Italy


2022. DALLOYAU (France) Launches Artsy Opéra (Bakery) with Local Artist Choy Yat Chun Anthony

2021. Sanrio x Yat Chun x VZOW x art tu: Gallery: Little Twin Stars Crossover Painting

2020. Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Korea Buddies (Ambassador) Program: Promoting and introducing Korea by Art

Image 1
【The Secret Garden 】【遊園】Dimension: 72 x 56cm


Image 4
【 The Song Bird III 】【舞】 Dimension: 26cm X 14cm


Image 7
【 The Song Bird 】【樂】 Dimension: 56cm X 38cm
Image 2
【The Spring Song 】【春嗚】Dimension: 72 x 56cm


Image 5
【The Bubbles 】 【 夢 】 Dimension: 26cm X 38cm


Image 8
【 The Buddies】【兄弟】 Dimension: 56cm X 38cm
Image 3
【 The Red 】 【 紅】 Dimension: 72 x 56cm


Image 6
【 The White 】 【 白 】 Dimension: 46cm X 32cm


Image 12
【 The Singers 】【韻】 Dimension: 56cm X 38cm